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2012 Nightingale Award Nominees

2012 Centura Health Nightingale Award Nominees: 

  • Sandy Anderson, Mercy Regional Medical Center
  • Evelyn Angeles, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services
  • Lisa Blackburn, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Britta Buehler, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Phyllis Burton, Penrose Hospital
  • Sharyn Butler, Mercy Regional Medical Center
  • Alexandra Callaghan, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Kristie Chavez, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Ceslie Contreras, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
  • Graham DeGunst, Porter Adventist Hospital
  • Erin Denholm, Centura Health at Home
  • Desiree Duckworth, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Julie Eggleston, Southern Colorado Family Medicine
  • Sandra Everett, St. Francis Medical Center
  • Candace Garko, St. Francis Medical Center
  • Ella Goldblat, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Patricia Guerrero, Centura Health, retired
  • Anne Jensen, Mercy Regional Medical Center
  • Kathryn Kayser, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Chris Lee, Porter Adventist Hospital
  • Beverly Maroney, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
  • Peggy Massie, St. Thomas More Hospital
  • Lucy Montoya, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
  • Jennifer Mueller, San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Nancy O’Malley, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Peggy Osterman, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Janet Park, Mercy Regional Medical Center
  • Vikki Pope, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Terry Rosenbaugh, Mercy Regional Medical Center
  • Sara Schaecher, Porter Adventist Hospital
  • Enny Simmons, Centura Health at Home
  • Sara Sweetser, Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Cindy Thistel, Littleton Adventist Hospital
  • Patty Turner, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
  • Margaret Vogel, Centura Health at Home
  • James Watson, St. Thomas More Hospital
  • Nancy Welch, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
  • Monika Wilkins, Lincoln Community Hospital & Nursing Home
  • Hallie Yoder, Mercy Regional Medical Center/FBC

2012 Centura Health Luminaries (Finalists):

Anne Jensen

Lisa Blackburn

Monika Wilkins


Jennifer Mueller

Patty Turner


More Images from the 2012 Nightingale Ceremony:


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