• Colorado Accountable Care

  • Centura Health redefines the way we deliver care.

    Centura Health has formed Colorado Accountable Care to participate in the Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program. Colorado Accountable Care consists of physicians and other health care providers who work together with Medicare to give you high-quality service and care at the right time in the right setting. Physicians work closely together and with other health care providers to coordinate care for Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiaries who have traditional Medicare. Through Colorado AccountableCare we can:

    • Improve the health of our Medicare Fee-for-Service patients.
    • Increase patient satisfaction.
    • Lower health care costs for Medicare Fee-for-Service patients by proactively coordinating care.
    • Achieve healthier communities.

    Public reporting

    Centura Health has created a governing body and must publicly report its earnings and status. Following is the contact information for Colorado Accountable Care.

    Colorado Accountable Care, LLC
    Centura Health
    10333 E. Dry Creek Rd.
    Englewood, CO 80112

    Primary contact
    Renae Pemberton
    Phone: 303-804-8124

    Composition of ACO:

    Colorado Accountable Care Participants

    Colorado Accountable Care, LLC consists of Centura Health physicians, hospitals and practices that are members of Colorado Health Neighborhoods.

    Governing body

    Board Position ACO Participating Provider Practice / Position
    Stephen King Member
    No Medicare Beneficiary
    John Knight, DO Member
    Yes Loar and Heble, Prof.,
    Jeffrey Kulp, MD Member Yes AgeWell Medical Associates
    Karyn Leible MD Member Yes Church Ranch Senior Health
    Steven Mays, MD Member Yes Porter Behavioral Health
    Steve Milligan, MD CAC Medical Director Non-voting
    No Colorado Health Neighborhood
    Pam Nicholson Member No Centura Health SVP
    Renae Pemberton ACO Program Director; Non-Voting Member No Centura Health Director
    Bradley Reedy, DO Member Yes Front Range Family Medicine
    John T. White, DO
    Member Yes Touchstone Health
    Clark Zimmerman, MD
    Member Yes Hilltop Family Physicians

    ACO participating entities

    Centura Health and all board members are from Centura Health (See table above).

    ACO committees and leadership personnel file

    Shared savings

    Colorado Accountable Care shares savings resulting from improved coordination and higher quality of care with Medicare. Centura Health uses their Colorado Accountable Care share-of-savings to fund investments in additional clinical staff and information technology and assist physicians, other providers and hospitals to support additional work and practice changes to improve the coordination and quality of care.

    Historical public reporting

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