• EMS/Pre-hospital Services

  • We're proud to provide pre-hospital medical direction, EMS education, quality improvement and research to our partner agencies. 

    Together, we are building an outstanding system of care that begins to touch, treat, heal and inspire health in our communities well before you enter the doors of a hospital.

    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are integral to the provision of emergency medical care. Modern EMS systems provide a wide range of services, including 9-1-1 emergency care to transport patients from the field to the emergency room, basic and advanced life support, inter-facility transport to transport patients between health care facilities and critical care transport to transport the most critically ill patients between health care facilities, whose special speed and range capabilities provide unique benefits in patient care. The integration of EMS systems with hospital care needs to be seamless in order to deliver the best patient care. 

    These services can be found as part of the programs at the following locations:

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