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Cancer is not one disease, but a group of diseases that have in common the uncontrolled growth of cells. Any collection of abnormal cells is known as a tumor. The cells of a benign tumor do not spread beyond their initial location; a tumor becomes malignant when the cells spread (or metastasize) to other areas of the body. Cancer is diagnosed when a tumor is found to be malignant and thus has the potential to spread.

Take this Health Profile online to get your Cancer Prevention Grade. Like the tests you used to take in school, it gives you a result between "A" and "F" based on all the cancer risk factors that you have the power to change. Risk factors that you have no control over, such as your family history, are not included in your grade. So it's possible for anyone to get an A by doing all the right things.

Even more important, the Cancer Prevention Grade profile tells you exactly which factors contribute to your risk and what you can do to reduce your risk of developing cancer. By taking the Cancer Prevention Grade profile, you'll be able to take action to reduce your chances of getting cancer.

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