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Barbara Hughes

 Barbara Hughes 2002 Recipient

Barbara Hughes at the 2002 Nightingale Gala

Barbara Hughes, CNM, MS, MBA, FACNM

Director of the Women's Service Line and the Nurse-Midwifery Practice

St. Anthony Central Hospital

With a unique combination of Master's degrees in Nursing and Business, Barbara has developed a national reputation for developing and growing practices and women's programs.  Barbara is very involved in community activities and boards including the St. Anthony Health Foundation Board of Directors, Colorado Perinatal Care Council, the American College of Nurse-Midwives Foundation Board of Trustees, and the Newborn Channel Advisory Board. She was selected by Colorado Governor Ritter to serve on the Collaborative Scopes of Care Advisory Committee in 2008 and most recently asked to serve on the Colorado State Medical Assistance Services Advisory Council.   She speaks extensively on the local and national level on a variety of clinical topics as well as leadership and personal development.  Barbara is certified in Emotional Intelligence and integrates this fascinating topic into her approach to women's health.

"What REALLY inspires me is the opportunity to touch the lives of nurses to help empower them, so that they can provide that excellence at the bedside.   Our healthcare system is very complex; very often nurses are so burdened by their workload, challenges with paperwork that they have to deal with, certainly the computer technology, new medical technology, that they can get stuck in focusing on the technical aspects of their job. They may not be able to focus on the caring aspects of their job. Every opportunity I have to acknowledge a nurse for a job well done or to give her feedback about the great care that she provided, or give her an opportunity to grow and develop as a professional, gives that nurse then the ability to focus on the compassionate part of nursing. The caring." ~ Barbara on what inspires her

"My specialty is very important to me. Even though I started out in labor and delivery, my career goal was to be a labor and delivery nurse. And one of the things I discovered, is that the nurses would do all of this work to take care of the patient, and, at the last minute, the physician would come in and catch the baby. And during one of a woman's most vulnerable times in her life, the birth of her baby, and that baby is only going to be born once, the process of labor and birth were often turned into a procedure, as opposed to a significant life event. So, that really drove me to want additional education and skills, so that I could be there for that whole birthing process. Now, having been a nurse midwife for 25 years, its very rewarding to see somebody in the community who says "I don't know if you remember me, but you delivered my baby 21 years ago." ~ Barbara on why she chose her specialty

I find that learning as much as I can about leadership, helps me support certainly nurses at the front line, but also mentor others into leadership roles. Because I think that's one of our obligations...is to grow the next generation of leadership. ~ Barbara on nursing

Read the entire interview with Barbara...

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