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Values in Action (VIA)

Applying Organizational Values

Values in Action (VIA) is a practical process Centura Health leaders use to apply organizational values to both difficult and routine business decisions. The process purposefully aligns Centura Health's mission and core values with the decision to be made.

The VIA process:

  • Clarifies the decision to be made and who will make it
  • Ensures that those impacted by the decision are represented
  • Clarifies "Why the need for this decision now?"
  • Identifies other options assessed
  • Prioritizes Centura core values when making a decision
  • Discloses potential downside of the decision
  • Clarifies benefits and metrics for measuring success of decision 
  • Ensures that the decision is reported with integrity

As a faith-based organization, Centura Health is very concerned that all decisions be made with integrity and respect. The VIA process has proved to be valuable in accomplishing these goals. 

For further information, please contact:

Centura Office of Mission and Ministry

Sharon Tuelp

Organizational VIA Consultants

Mark Bennett

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