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RN Residency Program (New Grad Nurses and Back to Practice Nurses)

ASCENT - A Phased Approach to Your Nursing Career

Whether you are a new grad or an experience nurse returning to the profession after an extended time away, Centura Health provides an ideal way to develop your professional practice in a caring, safe and nurturing patient-focused culture. By the end of the course you will:

  • Transition toward a competent professional nurse in the clinical environment using Benner's novice to expert conceptual framework.
  • Expand your critical thinking, critical judgment and prioritization skills to improve effective decision making relative to clinical performance
  • Incorporate evidence-based/research findings into your daily clinical practice
  • Enhance the depth of patient-centered care and application of informatics
  • Participate as an effective team member in the provision of safe patient care and achievement of excellent patient outcomes
  • Exhibit clinical leadership at the point of patient care
  • Promote actions that enable nurse sensitive quality indicators to be achieve at targeted levels
  • Strengthen your commitment to nursing as a professional career choice
  • Begin the development of a personal portfolio that identifies your ongoing learning needs and nursing career development plan
The Centura Health ASCENT Program is a comphrensive educational phased process that encompasses:
  • Structured new hire on-boarding processes emphasizing hospital-wide and clinical orientation, plus Meditech electronic medical record (EMR) education.
  • Six 8-hour sessions of didactic and experiential learning designed to assist you to refine and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes in the clinical arena that achieve the competencies identified by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) groups
  • Six weeks of structured clinical experiences with clinical faculty, scholars and/or preceptors
  • Additional unit-specific specialty education, if appropriate
  • Participation in evidence-based practice (EBP) projects
  • Ongoing mentoring program throughout the first year of practice
To learn more about our ASCENT program as well as all of the employment opportunities at Centura Health, contact our Nurse Recruiters at:
or email us:  systemrecruiting@centura.org
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