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Clinical Trials for Cancer

Making New Discoveries in Cancer Medicine

Every day, medical science makes new discoveries. In cancer medicine these discoveries are made through a safe-guarded research process referred to as clinical trials.

Not all clinical trials are right for all patients. A trial may be safe for one patient to join, but not safe for another. Each protocol has strict rules that doctors must follow to decide who may join the clinical trial. These rules are called eligibility criteria. This protects patients from getting treatment that may harm them. Eligibility criteria include information about:

You and your overall health:

  • Age and gender 
  • Results of medical tests 
  • Medicines that you are taking 
  • Any other health problems

Your cancer:

  • Cancer type and stage
  • Other treatments you may have had 
  • How long it has been since you were last treated

To learn more about cancer clinical trials and better understand clinical trials participation, visit the Colorado Cancer Research Program. Also, visit the Centura Health Research Center located at Porter Adventist Hospital.  If you have found a clinical trial that you think you want to join, talk to your doctor to see if you are eligible to take part.

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