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Cynthia Rae Elger

Cynthia Rae Elger 2008 Finalist
Cindy Elger RN, BSN, MBA
Clinical Nurse Manager NSICU / TSICU

St. Anthony Central Hospital

Cynthia Rae Elger at Nightingale Gala

"My understanding is that each person I come in contact with has intrinsic value unto themselves.  It is my mission as a manager in the health care field to champion and mentor the talents and abilities that others have. This has taken me on a journey of life experiences with remarkable individuals that have helped me realize how wonderful nursing is in giving us an opportunity to do what we do best in reaching out and touching each other in a profound way - making a difference in the lives we touch. Through this human collaboration, building up and connectivity, I see the beauty of what draws me to management and nursing - when one wins we all do."  ~ Cindy

"The whole Nightingale experience was very humbling. I felt that my team and my mentors along the way should have been there accepting the award as they were the ones that were, and still are, patiently guiding, reassuring and mentoring me as I stumble through my own learning curves." ~ Cindy

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