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Dawn Sculco

Dawn Sculco 2009 Finalist
Dawn Sculco, RN, MS, CCRN

Dawn Sculco (Photo by Lou Costy)

Clinical Nurse Specialist
St. Anthony Summit Medical Center
During her BSN program at the University of Iowa, Dawn spent her senior practicum in the Burn/Trauma Unit which lead her to spend the next 5 years working in that specialty. She broadened her experience while continuing her education at the University of Colorado, and that resulted in a job as the clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) for the new Anschutz In-Patient Pavilion.  Seeking her next challenge, she accepted the Clinical Nurse Specialist position at St Anthony Summit Medical Center and found "a niche in my life that I didn't even know could exist." She is the go-to person for clinical education and administrative needs as the only CNS in the only hospital in an entire county. She is a member of the American association of Critical Care Nurses. She coordinates the bi-monthly Community Wellness Series for the community. She can be found enjoying the outdoors by mountain biking, skiing and trail running.

 "The first thing that comes to mind is the phrase that nursing, that medicine, is an art and a science. And it's hard to separate the two. One of the arts of nursing is providing excellence in caring. That's something that you can't teach. You can't be taught that in any University setting. You can't be taught that in any orientation program. So to have that, to be surrounded by nurses who are caring is phenomenal in and of itself." ~Dawn on "Excellence in Human Caring"

 "One of the best parts about being a nurse, AND the best challenge with being a nurse, is the trust that the world has in you. I don't' know if you know this but they do the poll of America (USA Today/Gallup Poll). Nurses are typically are the number one most trusted profession in the world. In seven years we were it...Don't get me wrong. None of us are out there going 'Hey. Look. We want to be number one.' We are just doing what we do and we happen to be the most trusted (profession). That is both a huge honor and a huge responsibility." ~Dawn on nursing

" There really wasn't a moment when I knew I wanted to be a nurse...but, there are hundreds of moments when I know now 'This is what I'm supposed to be doing'." ~ Dawn on her career in nursing.

Read the entire interview with Dawn.

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