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Drug Free Workplace

In keeping with our mission and core values, Centura Health is dedicated to activities and services promoting health and wellness. Therefore, all associates must abide by applicable drug-related laws and must perform their responsibilities unencumbered by the improper possession, distribution, or use of drugs, narcotics, controlled substances, or alcohol. 

Prescribed drugs are not prohibited when used in the manner, combination, and quantity intended, unless job performance could be or is affected. The objective is to provide a safe, hazard free environment where patient care can take place under optimum conditions without exposing patients, associates, and others to unnecessary risk or harm.

By accepting or continuing employment each associate (1) consents to drug and alcohol testing, including the collection of appropriate body substances (blood and/or urine specimens are the most common) and (2) agrees to submit to searching of the associate's person, automobile and any other place or container when there exists a suspicion that the associate possesses or brought illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace.

Failure to consent and to cooperate fully in testing and searches is grounds for corrective action including termination. Local operating unit drug testing policies and practices must be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. Types of drug testing may include pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-incident/accident, follow-up and random.



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