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End of Life & Hospice Care

A Fulfilling End-of-Life Journey

Centura Health at Home offers end of life and hospice care through Porter Hospice, St. Anthony Hospice, Hospice of Mercy and Bristlecone Health Services. Our team of nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains and volunteers are with our patients every step of the way to make the end-of-life's journey a fulfilling one.

We know the importance of living out life while being surrounded by family and friends. Whether receiving care in their own home, hospital, nursing home, assisted living residence, or our 18-bed residential facility, Porter Hospice at The Johnson Center, our staff ensures every home is a comforting sanctuary.

Charity Care

Our hospice programs deeply believe everyone in the community deserves to face the end of life's journey with dignity and respect, regardless of their ability to pay. That's why our nonprofit programs provide more charity care than any other hospice program in the area-more than five times the state average. We believe in treating body, mind and spirit and helping families deal with the loss of a loved one is an essential part of our mission.

Bereavement Services

Bereavement services offer guidance and education to family members throughout their loved one's terminal illness. Bereavement follow-up services are available to help family members cope with their loss and grow through grief. A bereavement counselor directs a comprehensive 13-month program that may include:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Grief education
  • Support groups
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Memorial services
  • Phone calls
  • Referrals to community resources

Centura Health Hospice Programs

 Porter Hospice (Denver)
 St. Anthony Hospice (Denver)
 Hospice of Mercy (Durango)
 Bristlecone Health Services (Summit and Eagle Counties) 

The Butterfly Program

The Butterfly Program, sponsored by The Children's Hospital and Porter Hospice of Centura Health, has filled a unique and relatively empty niche in the Denver metropolitan community since 1999. The program provides comprehensive pediatric palliative care, serving families with children who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and who are likely to have less than12 months to live.

Butterfly patients receive palliative and comfort care, either at home or in the hospital. Services are provided to any child with a potentially life-limiting or potentially terminal illness regardless of the current goals of their care, the setting within which the care is provided or the family's ability to pay for services.

The Butterfly Program, received a Citation of Honor by the American Hospital Association and the 2007 Denver Business Journal's Champions in Healthcare award.

 The Butterfly Program

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