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Excellence in Emerging Science

Brightest Minds, Best Technologies

The Centura Centers for Clinical Innovation serves to advance medical practice in areas of emerging science. These leading edge techniques require specialized training, even for experienced physicians and surgeons.

Centura Health defines the concept "Center" as follows:

  • Centers track quality outcomes in an integrated registry.
  • All Centers provide conferences or symposiums to advance the science of medicine in their respective disciplines.
  • Centers are guided by a coordinating council representing all Centura hospitals that support this technology / program.
  • There is coordination among the participating hospitals, to track and improve patient satisfaction scores.
  • Patients and physicians can receive extensive education about these technologies in a coordinated fashion.

Leaders in Medical Innovation

Centura Centers for Clinical Innovation serves to assess, evaluate, develop and enhance new technologies in innovative radiologic and surgical care. Equipped with the latest technology, our hospital entities partner with each other to share best practices. Patient care and the practice of medicine are ultimately enhanced by the synergistic work happening around the Centura Health system in Colorado and western Kansas.

C3I supports continuing medical education, device development, procedure modification, training and simulation. Advances in surgical and non-surgical treatments make it essential for physicians to hone their skills and the benefit gained from other physicians by sharing best practices.

Centura Health has a rich history as a leader in medical innovation and with our 2020 strategic plan calling for us to continue to foster this atmosphere of collaborative spirit.

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