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Federal Legislation - Health Care Reform

Federal Legislation

Historic health reform signed by President Obama

President Obama signed the health care reform bill to significantly expand coverage especially to low-income and vulnerable populations. Those with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage and nearly 32 million people who were previously uninsured will be able to obtain coverage.

Centura Health supported health care reform. Why? Health care reform is closely related to the three pillars of our Centura Health 2020 strategic plan.

Strengthening our Foundation:

  • Coverage and Access for the Uninsured/Underinsured - Centura Health is in support of healthcare reform which expands access to care, makes health care more affordable, aligns incentives for healthcare being delivered at the right place, right time and at the right price
  • Insurance Reform - Centura Health supports the end of denials for pre-existing conditions, exorbitant out of pocket expense and lifetime caps.
  • Health IT - We support standards for EMRs which will allow for integration between vendors and will allow for sharing of data to facilitate more efficient and effective care.

Creating Systems of Care:

  • All Payer database - We support an all payer database which will allow for providers to be able to share best practices and help us to develop protocols which will lead to better care for our patients
  • Loosening of Regulations - In order to be able to better align with physicians and other healthcare providers, we support the lessoning of regulations which may impede our ability to improve the delivery of care. 

Moving Upstream to Manage Health:

  • Wellness - We support legislations which would reimburse providers for improving and managing health including HRAs, coaching, and education classes. 
  • Tele Health/Medicine - We support legislation which will reimburse providers for using new and innovative technology thus providing access to clinical specialties, education and monitoring capabilities to communities who would otherwise be without.
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