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Health Classes

Centura Health has a variety of health classes and events offered around our system. Our 15 hospitals serve their communities by educating their residents in healthy living, family life and much more. The following facilities have class information available online and some offer online registration as well.

Classes - Parker Adventst Hospital - Parker, CO 

Parker Adventist Hospital offers a wide variety of classes and events to help the community improve their health including our FREE Body of Knowledge Series -find out more and register online!

Classes - Porter Adventist Hospital, South Denver Metro area

Porter Adventist Hospital offers a variety of free classes and events to our community. From joint replacement informational classes to back classes designed to keep your body healthy and limber there is something for everyone.

Classes - Penrose-St. Francis Health Services- Colorado Springs, CO

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services offers a wide variety of fitness, wellness and health education classes to keep you and your family healthy.

Classes and Events - St. Anthony North Hospital, Westminster, CO

St. Anthony North Hospital offers a variety of classes and events to promote health and wellness to those in our community.  Use the links to the left to see complete listings of upcoming events, health classes and family education and birth classes.

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