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Welcome to Health Passport

Health Passport is a FREE membership program offering lifelong learning, travel, health education and other special services for the Denver metro community.

With Health Passport you will have access to Health Passport Links and Health Passport Explores - programs designed to link you to public and private benefits for which you may be eligible, need help understanding or opportunities to learn about a topic in depth. Whether you are looking for Medicare and health insurance counseling or want to explore career options with our Boomer Career Center, you will find Health Passport an invaluable resource. Plus you'll be connected with a dynamic group of well-educated, engaged Coloradoans who want to learn how to live better, be healthier, stay active, meet interesting people and contribute to their community.

Learn more about benefits of membership or join for FREE today!

Call us at 303-629-4921 or email us at myhealthpassport@centura.org

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