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Saving minutes, saving lives:
The Centura Health Heart Attack Network

Life-Saving Intervention

As part of the Centura Heart Network, Centura Health delivers life-saving intervention and surgeries to more than 2,000 patients across Colorado and western Kansas every year - nearly as many as Colorado's other two hospital systems combined.

Exceeding National Standards

The Centura Health Heart Attack Network dedicates the resources to link all of our facilities and programs to save lives through detection, education, intervention and rehabilitation. The most comprehensive, state-of-the-art interventional technologies combine with the expertise of EMS and first responders, board-certified cardiologists, physicians, nurses and clinical professionals across Colorad and western Kansas to result in network-wide performance standards that exceed national standards in every respect.

  • Through a partnership with the American Heart Association, consumers can also receive vital CPR and AED training at no cost through the Saving Lives Initiative.
  • Every Centura Health catheterization lab gives care faster than the national standard for heart attack intervention in less than 90 minutes (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), including several programs that average times nearly 50 percent below benchmarks.
  • Several Centura Health facilities rank in the top one percent of the hospitals in the country in rapidity of heart attack care.
  • Nation-leading heart attack/STEMI care, from first medical contact to reperfusion, resulting in care delivery at the top one percent in national American College of Cardiology databases.
  • Superior cardiovascular surgical capabilities and outcomes consistently earn consecutive five-star ratings from health care rating organizations such as HealthGrades.
  • Systems, resources and expertise, combined with Flight For Life® Colorado, Colorado's largest critical care transport system, and CenturaConnect one-call number, to expedite patient transfer and quickly serve patients and referring physicians. 


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