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Jody Wallace

Jody Wallace 1990 Finalist

Jody Wallace, RN

Trauma Patient Care Coordinator

Penrose St. Francis Health System

"I was surprised because when you work in the ICU, you all just work together. And you all seem to do the same thing. So I was very surprised to be nominated. And I was pretty overwhelmed, not realizing at the time, just what an honor it was.... I was just awed and amazed at what the other Nightingale finalists had done and I was wondering why I was in THAT group." ~ Jody on the Nightingale Awards

"The organized trauma system has made a huge difference in the care of the traumatically injured patient. Because it is organized. It gives a team approach. I feel that there is not one person that should be more recognized than any other, including the physicians. Because I think that everybody works very hard on the patient. For me, it's been a real honor to have gotten involved with trauma. It's pretty cool to watch folks get better." ~ Jody on her career in Trauma

"I can still remember 20-30 patients that I could tell you absolutely everything about. Because some of those patients just touch your heart over the years.   But I think you need to be able to take care of yourself. And you need to be able to find some sort of other interest that you can channel some of your energies into. Otherwise you can get pretty exhausted emotionally and mentally...it's just an individual thing (based) on what works for you. I live in the Black Forest and so for me it was the drive home. I was actually able to process through all the tragedy that I'd seen during the day, so that by the time I got home to my family and my children that I was able to focus on them. But it's an individual thing. Everybody is a little different in how they handle the stress and the emotions of being a nurse...." ~ Jody on how she cares for herself 

"Nurses need to NOT be afraid to ask questions. We, the older nurses with a lot of experience, should be a lot more accepting of the new nurses and we should teach the new nurses the best that we can. And I think for the new nurses, my advice is not to get discouraged. Nursing is a little different now than it was. Medicine, especially hospital medicine is just different than it was in the early 70s. But again, my advice is not to be afraid to ask questions. And (my advice) for the experienced nurses, is that we need to be able to teach and to show them what compassion is at the bedside."   ~ Jody's advice for new nurses

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