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Kate McCord

Kate McCord 1992 Recipient
Kate McCord RN, MSN, CNAA
Chief Nursing Officer
Penrose-St.Francis Health Services

Kate McCord Speaking at the 2009 Gala (Photo by Lou Costy)

Kate has been the Chief Nursing Officer at Penrose-St. Francis since 2005, and has been with the PSF system since 1975. Other titles she has held with PSF include Director of Patient Care Services; Administrative Director of Special Care Services; Director of Clinical Nursing; Head Nurse; Assistant Head Nurse; and Staff Nurse.

Kate has several professional presentation highlights and publications to her credit. She was also a Colorado Scholar in 1980 and a University of Colorado Nightingale Award Winner in 1992. She holds a Masters of Science Degree in Adult Illness Management from the University of Colorado (Summa Cum Laude), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing/Health Care Management from Metropolitan State College in Denver (Summa Cum Laude). She also received a Diploma in Nursing from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in Lincoln, Neb., graduating first in her class.

"I have always thought and preached that caring is synonymous with nursing.   Caring is what nursing is all about. When I was a manager, I believed that the technical aspect of critical care was important-but I could teach that to a nurse.   What I found to be imperative was the aspect of caring.   I once had a lengthy discussion with a PhD candidate. She believed caring could be taught-my view had some variation. You can teach the technique of caring and the outward signs may be evident. However, I believe the core of caring comes from within. Vital to this development of caring is having a role model throughout one's life, as well as a belief system which values human dignity." ~ Kate on "Human Caring" in her Nightingale application written in 1991

"This is such an exciting time to be a nurse.   The possibilities are endless.   We can and do so much to bring about healing for our patients.   The health care system is in the midst of an evolution or, as some may think-a revolution-but what better time to help "drive the bus" to bring about the needed change in troubled times.   My wishes for the nurses at PSF as well as nurses everywhere is to realize the power that we have and to use it to direct our practice while improving the care to our patients. What better example is there of human caring?" ~ Kate's reflections on nursing in 2009

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