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Pay Your Initial or Reappointment Application Fee Online

Thank you for choosing to pay your application fee online. The Centura Health CVO is committed to making your payment experience convenient and reliable. If you have questions about this online payment or any other questions regarding the credentialing process please feel free to contact us at:
(720) 528-0557 or (720) 528-0513

Be sure to enter your name exactly as it is displayed on the email notification you received from the Centura Health CVO. When you have completed the payment process you'll have the opportunity to print a receipt or email a copy of the receipt to an email address of your choice. It is extremely important to retain the Confirmation Number you receive upon completion of the payment process. You will be required to add this number to the ‘Payment Authentication Form” you received with your application packet.

Refund Policy

Refund requests for payments made on-line through Centura Health's web-site should be submitted by contacting the phone number noted on the receipt. Valid refund requests will be credited onto the card used in the original transaction. Credits will appear on the cardholder's statement within approximately 12 business days of request being received.


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