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Scholarship Programs

Centura Health offers the Healing Ministry Scholarship  program for eligible Associates.

The Healing Ministry Scholarship Program to provides educational assistance to current Centura associates interested in pursuing their passion in a designated "high need job". Here is how the program works:

  • Every year in the spring, Centura Health will determine how many scholarships will be offered to current associates. This offering will be based on be based on Centura's financial performance and ability to provide scholarships, as well as how many positions are designated as "high need" for the organization.
  • In return for receiving the scholarship, the program will require a twelve (12) month full-time work commitment at a Centura facility on behalf of the associate for each year a scholarship is awarded.
  • Associates can reapply for additional years of support in following years. Additional years of scholarship funds will require the recipient to agree to a longer work commitment period. Prior recipients receive priority for further commitment if they remain in good standing with Centura Health and the educational institution.
  • Applicants must be a current full-time or part-time associate, or a PRN associates that has worked at least 500 hours within the last twelve (12) months, and must be in good standing with the organization within the last twelve (12) months (e.g. no written corrective action and not on suspension or previously suspended) and have worked for Centura a minimum of six months. The associate must be pursuing a program for a designated "high need job" and be accepted into the program within six (6) months of receiving the scholarship.   The program must be accredited with a recognized degree program that is approved by the scholarship committee. While in the program, the associate must maintain a grade of "C" or better and pass all pass/fail classes.

The specific details and scholarship amounts may vary from year to year, but will be published in the spring for fall enrollment.

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