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Cancer Screening and Prevention

More Than Half of Cancer Deaths are Preventable

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented if people adopted cancer prevention measures, including receiving routine check-ups, living a healthy lifestyle, and having an awareness of the early signs of cancer. Cancer can be discovered early or prevented altogether through periodic check-ups and screening procedures.

Early Screening Saves Lives

Cancer screening tests are recommended to the public at certain baseline ages to detect and remove cancer in its earliest and most curable stage. Rigorously evaluated before they are recommended, screening tests are offered to the general population even in the absence of any cancer symptoms. The age at which screening begins and the frequency of screening may be adjusted when there is a strong family history of a particular cancer or where there is a genetic predisposition.

Our highly-skilled physicians can provide you with information about which tests are indicated, how often they will be performed, where they are conducted, how long they take and when you'll receive results. They will also inform you on any special preparations that are required and what side effects might occur.

Centura Health's Healthy Lung Screening Program

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