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Sharon Pappas 2009 Recipient

Sharon Pappas 2009 Recipientf

Sharon H. Pappas, RN, PhD, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Executive Centura Health, Chief Nursing Officer Centura Health Porter Adventist Hospital

"Florence Nightingale is one of my heroes. I have always aligned with her thinking throughout my career for several reasons. Florence Nightingale was a visionary who cared deeply for improving care of patients through scientific measurement of nursing practice and outcomes. She wove networks of relationships that facilitated her vision, and her spirit of human caring was the fuel that motivated her work. Today I see the same need to focus on nursing practice and subsequent outcomes. There is also such value in human relationships within healthcare, and I believe they are key to safe health care...and...It is very important for nurses to be able to articulate and demonstrate that 'this good outcome occurred because of how I cared for this patient through being competent and present.' Like Florence, this is mfy passion, and to get an award named for someone I greatly admire was really very special."  ~ Sharon on Florence Nightingale

Sharon H. Pappas has served as chief nursing officer of Porter Adventist Hospital, recently designated as a Magnet TM hospital, since 1998. She is responsible for managing all operations pertaining to the nursing staff including training and development, safety and patient care. In November of 2008 she was named chief nursing executive for the Centura Health system. In that role she provides executive leadership to CNOs for 15 hospitals, senior care and home care, and participates on Centura's Executive Counsel.

Prior to joining Porter Adventist Hospital, Dr. Pappas served as the director of cardiovascular services, at St. Anthony Hospitals in Denver from 1993-1998 and was the nurse manager for Cardiovascular Nursing for the year prior to that. She was also the nursing director for the Emergency Center at the Medical Center of Central Georgia from 1985-1990. She has also been a faculty member and preceptor at Regis University and a assistant professor at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center School of Nursing. Dr. Pappas holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing, from the School of Nursing at University of Georgia Medical College and a Master of Science in nursing administration from Georgia College, School of Nursing. She received her PhD from University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing. She served as President of the Colorado Board of Nursing from 2003-2008 and is currently a board member for Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence. She has authored numerous articles for peer-reviewed journals and frequently presents at conferences addressing the role that nurses and the nursing environment play in patient safety and hospital costs.

"I would advise a young nurse to get really clear on what type of nursing practice you love the most and become an expert in that area of practice. Hospitals depend on nurses to provide great patient care and assure excellent patient outcomes in settings where so much inpatient care is highly specialized. That is what nursing excellence is about....If nurses do this well, the hospital will be successful. I would encourage young nurses to be passionate and great at what you do, and seek out organizations that value the contributions nurses make."  ~ Sharon's advice for new nurses

Read the rest of the interview with Sharon.

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