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SHIP (State Health Insurance Program)

Centura Health LINKS is a full-service benefits counseling program that provides information to seniors about Medicare and other health insurance issues of interest to older adults. Our staff and volunteers counsel people at no charge about Medicare benefits, appeals, Medigap insurance, employer health plans, long term care insurance and Medicaid. They also help sort and file medical claims.

Centura Health LINKS
2420 W. 26th Ave., Suite D-450
Denver, CO 80211 

Metro Denver: 720-321-8850
Statewide in Colorado, Outside Metro Denver: 1-866-550-2752

Email us: LINKS@Centura.org

In the interest of educating older adults throughout Colorado, we operate a statewide, toll-free hotline 1-866-550-2752. With help from the Colorado Division of Insurance, we strive to give consumers reliable information about the Medicare's gap in coverage. We do not recommend, endorse or promote any insurance company, policy or agent.

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