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What to Expect After Applying with Centura Health

Application Review

After your application has been submitted you will receive an email that verifies we have received your information. Centura Health recruiters and hiring managers carefully review every application we receive. Each candidate’s educational background and work experience are evaluated against the specific requirements of the position. The most qualified candidates will be invited to participate in a preliminary phone or in-person interview. If you do not qualify for the position, you can expect to receive an e-mail from a recruiter letting you know that you will not be moving forward in the process.

We try to get back to every candidate within 1 week of applying.  In some cases, the number of applicants for a given position can be so high that we can't reach out to every applicant and response times may vary. If you are wondering on the status of your application, you can login to the on-line employment system  and check the status of your application by clicking on "Sign In", then "View My Account". Once in your account, click on "View Application Status".  When you application is under review, your status will be “Considering”.  If the position has been filled or cancelled, you will see those status updates as well.

Phone Interview

If selected for a phone interview, you will be contacted by a recruiter or hiring manager to discuss the position requirements, as well as your education and employment background.  Following the phone interview, you may be selected for an in-person interview with the hiring manager.   Not all positions require a phone interview.  You may be invited to an in-person interview without ever doing a phone interview.

In-person Interview

If selected for an in-person interview, you will meet with the hiring manager and learn more about the position.  At Centura Health, we utilize a behavioral-based interviewing technique. Behavioral based interviewing is based on discovering how you acted in specific employment-related situations. The logic is that how you behaved in the past will predict how you will behave in the future.  For more information and tips to help you prepare for an interview, please see Interview Tips on our Career Center.

Reference Checks

You must provide professional references if being considered for a position.  Please prepare your reference list in advance and attach to your application if possible.  We must speak to at least one current or former supervisor as part of the reference check.  Remember to communicate to your references that a potential employer may contact them as well.  

Receiving a Job Offer

Finally, if the hiring team so chooses, they will extend a contingent employment offer to you.  Information on exact compensation and benefits will be shared with you at this time.  For general information on our compensation practices and benefits, please see the information available on our website.  All associates given an offer of employment will be required to undergo a background check, pre-employment physical screening, and pre-employment drug screen urinalysis.  For more information on pre-employment requirements, please see Pre-Employment Requirements on our Career Center. 


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