Resources, Follow Up & Partner Agencies

  • EMS Resources

    State Certification

    The Penrose-St. Francis EMS Institute serves as the training officer for its member agencies on the OATH system. When a provider recertifies, he/she will go online to OATH and input their information. The request for recertification will be sent to the PSF EMS Institute. The PSF EMS Institute requests a verification of continuing education letter from the EMS provider’s agency. Once the verification letter is received the PSF EMS Institute approves the EMS provider’s Colorado Certification.

    EMS Provider Certification
    Phone: 303-691-4932

    National Registry

    Each individual agency is required to affiliate with the National Registry and identify an agency training officer. When a provider recertifies, he/she will go online to NREMT and input their information. The fire or EMS agency training officer will sign off on their continuing education hours. After the agency training officer verifies the EMS provider’s continuing education hours the medical director will approve their skills.

  • Patient Follow-Up

    The purpose of patient follow-up is to ensure continued quality medical treatment in the field by determining how care given by EMS personnel affects patient recovery.

    Confidentiality must be maintained when obtaining patient data, especially follow-up information, in compliance with federal and state law and hospital policy. Therefore, patient information will only be released to the healthcare providers directly involved in the requested case and/or their EMS response agency quality improvement officer.

    Patient follow up may be requested by contacting one of our department staff members by phone. Because of the sensitivity and privacy of patient care, we are unable to provide patient follow up for the general public. We respect the security of both patient and healthcare provider per the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act requirements as they apply to Personal Health Information.