The program's faculty is made up of a core group of board-certified family physicians who practice full spectrum family medicine, including inpatient medicine, outpatient medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics. We also have several faculty members that are not family medicine physicians, including pharmacists, behavioral specialists, and an acupuncturist.

The program faculty includes adjunct clinical faculty, as well. These physicians may be embedded in the family medicine clinic, clinic preceptors, inpatient service attendings, or specialty faculty instructors for the resident physicians in both clinic and inpatient settings. There are many of these faculty members in the program and as such not all can be listed here.

Collen McGee, DO
Kylie  Beukema, MD
Genevieve Ochs, MD
Burl Maurer, LCSW
Craig Anthony, MD
Beth Dion, MD
Peter Heng, MD
Stephanie Karozos, MD
Eric Keahey, MD
Emily Parker, DO
Jennifer Stradley, C-TAGME