• 2017 Featured Speakers

    Aneesh Chopra
    Co-Founder and EVP, Hunch Analytics

    The former (and first) U.S. Chief Technology Officer, appointed by President Obama, he designed the National Wireless Initiative, helped launch Startup America, and executed an “open innovation” strategy across the government built on private sector collaboration: opening up data, convening on standards and staffing “lean government startups.” He is the author of the book “Innovative State: How New Technologies can Transform Government,” focused on how the country can tap entrepreneurial problem solvers to address challenges in health, energy and education markets among other public and regulated sectors.

    Aneesh Chopra is the President of NavHealth, a member-driven company that harnesses open health data to provide insights and workflow for population health organizations. It was launched by Hunch Analytics, a “hatchery” he co-founded incubating ideas that improve the productivity of health and education markets. From 2009-2012, he served as the first U.S. Chief Technology Officer and prior to that, as Virginia’s 4th Secretary of Technology. His public service focused on better public/private collaboration as described in his 2014 book, "Innovative State: How New Technologies can Transform Government.” In 2011, he was named to Modern Healthcare's list of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare and in 2008, to Government Technology magazine's Top 25 in their Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers issue. He is a Member of the Council on Virginia’s Future, earned his master's degree in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School in 1997 and his bachelor's degree from The Johns Hopkins University in 1994.

    George Church
    Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School

    George Church is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Director of PersonalGenomes.org, which provides the world's only open-access information on human Genomic, Environmental & Trait data ( GET). His 1984 Harvard PhD included the first methods for direct genome sequencing, molecular multiplexing & barcoding. These led to the first genome sequence (pathogen, Helicobacter pylori) in 1994. His innovations have contributed to nearly all "next generation" DNA sequencing methods and companies (CGI-BGI, Life, Illumina, Nanopore). This plus his lab's work on chip-DNA-synthesis, gene editing and stem cell engineering resulted in founding additional application-based companies spanning fields of medical diagnostics ( Knome/PierianDx, Alacris, AbVitro/Juno, Genos, Veritas Genetics) & synthetic biology / therapeutics ( Joule, Gen9, Editas, Egenesis, enEvolv, WarpDrive). He has also pioneered new privacy, biosafety, ELSI, environmental & biosecurity policies. He is director of an IARPA BRAIN Project and NIH Center for Excellence in Genomic Science. His honors include election to NAS & NAE & Franklin Bower Laureate for Achievement in Science. He has coauthored 425 papers, 95 patent publications & one book ( Regenesis).

    Nancy F. Koehn
    Historian at Harvard Business School

    Nancy F. Koehn is a historian at the Harvard Business School where she holds the James E. Robison chair of Business Administration. Koehn's research focuses on how leaders, past and present, craft lives of purpose, worth, and impact. Her forthcoming book, Forged in Crisis: The Power and Glory of Leading in Turbulent Times, spotlights how five of history’s greatest leaders managed crisis.

    She has written and supervised cases on Starbucks Coffee Company, Ernest Shackleton, Oprah Winfrey, Bono and U2, Whole Foods, Stonyfield Yogurt, Wedgwood, Estée Lauder, Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, Celeste Walker, Marshall Field, Dell Computer, and other leaders and organizations. Koehn consults with many companies and speaks frequently at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival and the World Business Forum. She has appeared on "American Experience," "Good Morning America," Bloomberg Televison, CNBC's "Moneywheel," "The NewsHour," A&E's "Biography," CNN's "Money Line" and many other television programs. She writes frequently for the New York Times, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and the Harvard Business Review Online and is a regular commentator on National Public Radio and the BBC. In 2012, Poets and Quants ranked Koehn as one of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors.

    Before coming to HBS, Koehn was a member of Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences for seven years, first as a graduate student in history and then as a lecturer in the History and Literature concentration and the Department of Economics. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University, Koehn earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government before taking her MA and PhD in History from Harvard.

    Daniel Kraft
    Founder and Chair, Exponential Medicine, Singularity University

    Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor and entrepreneur.

    Dr. Kraft has over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation. Daniel is the Faculty Chair for Medicine & Neuroscience for Singularity University and is the Founder and Chair of Exponential Medicine, a program which explores convergent, exponentially developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare. His various TEDTalks have over 1 Million Views. Daniel was named a member of the inaugural class of the Aspen Institute’s Healthcare Innovator Fellows. .

    Following undergraduate degrees at Brown University and medical school at Stanford, Dr. Kraft was board certified in the Harvard combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency program at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. He went on to complete Stanford fellowships in hematology/oncology & bone marrow transplantation, and extensive research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. He has multiple scientific publications (Nature and Science) and medical device, immunology and stem cell related patents through faculty positions with Stanford University School of Medicine and as clinical faculty for the pediatric bone marrow transplantation service at University of California San Francisco. .

    Dr. Kraft is the inventor of the MarrowMiner, an FDA approved device for the minimally invasive harvest of bone marrow, and founded RegenMed Systems, a company developing technologies to enable adult stem cell based regenerative therapies. He serves as an advisor to the X-Prize, Nokia, Qualcomm Life, and a variety of healthcare startups. .

    Daniel is an avid pilot and has served in the Massachusetts and California Air National Guard as an officer and flight surgeon with an F-16 fighter Squadron. He has conducted research on aerospace medicine published with NASA, and was a finalist for astronaut selection.

    Barbara Lynch
    Chef/Owner, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

    James Beard Award-winner and Relais & Châteaux Grand Chef, Barbara Lynch is regarded as one of the world’s leading chefs and restaurateurs. After working under some of Boston’s greatest culinary talents in her early twenties, Barbara traveled to Italy where she learned about the country’s cuisine firsthand from local women. She returned to her native Boston and became the executive chef at Galleria Italiana, bringing national acclaim to the tiny trattoria when she captured Food & Wine's “Ten Best New Chefs in America” award. In 1998, Barbara opened a restaurant of her own, No. 9 Park, in Boston’s Beacon Hill. Now at the helm of Barbara Lynch Gruppo, Barbara oversees seven celebrated culinary concepts including No.9 Park, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, Stir, Drink, Sportello, and Menton, and employs a staff of over 250. Barbara has worked to bring nutritious meals to hospitals and schools, including work with Smart Lunch, a Boston-based online lunch program that brings nutrition to kids and convenience to their parents, as an on-staff nutritionist. In 2012 she started the Barbara Lynch Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to empowering families and providing leadership and resources to help create healthy, inspired, and dignified futures for Boston’s youth.

    Barbara is also the author of Stir: Mixing It Up in the Italian Tradition, which received a prestigious Gourmand award for “Best Chef Cookbook” for the United States. Barbara is currently working on her second book, a memoir, which will be published in 2017. Barbara has received numerous accolades over the years. In 2014, she received her second James Beard Foundation Award, this time for “Outstanding Restaurateur”; she is the second woman ever to receive this honor.

    Dean Ornish
    Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF, and President/Director Preventive Medicine Research Institute

    Dean Ornish, MD, is the founder and president of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California. He is clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He is a revolutionary thought leader and respected advisor to some of the world’s most powerful leaders. Ornish received his medical training in internal medicine from the Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. He received a BA in humanities summa cum laude from the University of Texas in Austin, where he gave the baccalaureate address.

    For more than 32 years, Ornish has directed clinical research demonstrating, for the first time, that comprehensive lifestyle changes may begin to reverse even severe coronary heart disease, without drugs or surgery. He directed the first randomized, controlled trial demonstrating that comprehensive lifestyle changes may stop or reverse the progression of early-stage prostate cancer. His research showed that comprehensive lifestyle changes affect gene expression, “turning on” disease-preventing genes and “turning off” genes that promote cancer and heart disease. In collaboration with Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, he also showed that these lifestyle changes can lengthen telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that control how long we live.

    He is the author of six best-selling books, including “Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease,” “Eat More, Weigh Less,” “Love & Survival,” and his most recent, “The Spectrum.”

    The research that he and his colleagues conducted has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Circulation, The New England Journal of Medicine, The American Journal of Cardiology, The Lancet Oncology and elsewhere.

    Eric Topol
    Chief Academic Officer, Scripps Health; Author and Thought Leader

    Voted the #1 Most Influential Physician Executive in the United States in a poll conducted by Modern Healthcare, Eric is also one of GQ’s 12 ”Rock Stars of Science.” He is the author of the bestselling definitive book on the digital medical revolution, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine.” Eric is also a leading practitioner of digital medicine. He is the director of the flagship NIH-supported Scripps Translational Science Institute and a co-founder of the West Wireless Health Institute. He also serves as Professor of Genomics at The Scripps Research Institute and Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health. He additionally took on the Editor-in-Chief position at Medscape in 2013.

    A practicing cardiologist, Eric is widely credited with leading the Cleveland Clinic to become the #1 center for heart care. While there, he also started a new medical school, led many worldwide clinical trials to advance care for patients with heart disease, and spearheaded the discovery of multiple genes that increase susceptibility for heart attacks. His achievements include the development of many medications that are routinely used in medical practice including t-PA, Plavix, Angiomax and ReoPro. He was the first physician to raise safety concerns about Vioxx. In 2011, the University of Michigan initiated the Eric J. Topol Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine to recognize his contributions. The University of Rochester awarded him the Hutchinson Medal, the University’s highest honor. One of the 10 most cited researchers in medicine, Eric has published 1,100 peer-reviewed articles and more than 30 medical textbooks. His research earned him the title Doctor of the Decade from the Thomson Reuters Institute for Scientific Information.

    Ting Wu
    Director and Co-founder of pgEd, Professor of Genetics

    Ting is involved in all aspects of the Personal Genetics Education Project, a program with a mission to increase awareness and conversation about the benefits and ethical, legal, and social implications of personal genetics. Ting’s participation includes teaching in high schools, workshops, and conferences across the nation, contributing to the online curricula, organizing Congressional briefings and the GETed conferences, working with producers and writers in the entertainment industry, and developing Map-Ed. Ting is also a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, where her research group studies the manner in which chromosome structure and behavior govern inheritance and genome activity. She received her B.A. from Harvard University in Biology and her Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School in Genetics. She did her postdoctoral training at Yale University and the Station for Natural Studies, after which she was a Fellow in Molecular Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is now a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. Most recently, Dr. Wu was honored as a recipient of a five-year NIH Director’s 2012 Pioneer Award for her work on chromosome organization and inheritance.

    Peter Banko
    President & Chief Operating Officer Centura Health

    Peter D. Banko joined Centura Health as president and chief operating officer in May 2016 following nine years in multiple leadership roles with Centura Health’s co-sponsor, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI). At CHI, Banko played a pivotal role in integrating new partners into a system that currently spans 19 states and includes 105 hospitals and dozens of other facilities. Before CHI, Banko was vice president and chief operating officer of Christus Spohn Health System in Corpus Christi, Texas. Among his accomplishments there were a dramatic financial turnaround and helping to develop an academic medical center affiliated with The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center. Banko is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Cornell University, and a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

    Judith Carrithers
    Director of Oncology Services, Schulman IRB

    Judith Carrithers is the Director of Oncology and Institutional Services for Schulman IRB. Prior to joining Schulman in October 2016, she was the Assistant Dean for Human Research Protection at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She has been active in the field of human research protection and clinical research for the past twenty years. She has served as a peer reviewer for the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, presented at local and national conferences, and served as a consultant on research regulatory issues. She holds a JD from Stanford Law School and an MA in Public Administration from Seattle University. Born and raised in the Midwest and Seattle, she lived in the Baltimore area for more than twenty years and now resides in Honolulu, HI.

    Brian Contos
    Executive Director, The Advisory Board

    Brian Contos serves as an Executive Director with the Advisory Board Company, which provides over 4,200 of America’s leading hospitals and health systems with guidance on performance improvement, strategic decision making, business intelligence and analytics and management training. In this capacity, he leads the firm’s research and strategic guidance on service line strategy, operations and clinical practice. Brian has worked with the Advisory Board since 2000, researching and presenting findings on topics that include service line finances, clinical quality, strategic planning, program operations, technology evaluation, and regulatory policy. He has also authored numerous studies, including Reducing Preventable Readmissions, Innovation and the Outmigration of Care, and Heart and Vascular Service Line Integration.

    Mr. Contos studied molecular and developmental biology at Yale University. His previous work includes infectious disease research at the Lippard Laboratory for Clinical Investigation at the Yale School of Medicine and cancer research at the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute at Florida Hospital.

    Steve Curd
    CEO, Precision Medicine

    Steve is a serial entrepreneur, having built numerous healthcare IT and biotechnology companies. He started his healthcare career as a key leader at UnitedHealthCare, ultimately becoming its CIO, and helped to build other companies such as WebMD, VantageMed, PracticeOne, and CareInSync. After serving as NantHealth’s COO, Steve gained a deep respect for the promise of precision medicine while personally experiencing many of the significant barriers challenging progress. Throughout his career, Steve’s leadership has resulted in numerous accolades including Most Promising HealthTech Company, CIO Innovator of the Year, Mobile Game Changer, and the People’s Choice Award among major healthtech investors. He was also recently named as one of the top healthcare entrepreneurs to know by Becker’s Hospital Review. Recent accomplishments include leveraging machine learning and big data analysis to identify individuals at high-risk for cardiovascular failure, and driving the creation of a secure, cloud-based collaboration platform to improve accurate diagnosis and targeted therapies for cancer patients. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

    James Corbett
    Community Health & Values Integration, Centura Health

    Mr. Corbett is senior vice president of community health and values integration at Centura Health, a multi-state integrated health system and the region’s largest health care provider serving Colorado and western Kansas. He was a fellow at both the Harvard Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.

    Corbett was appointed to a four-year term on the National Institutes of Health’s National Advisory Council for Nursing Research by former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    He has worked in four health systems providing strategic and operational leadership for community health, behavioral health, research operations, ethics, spiritual care, diversity, mission, and global health, and his expertise helped support health care reform in Massachusetts. In these roles, he established innovative programs such as hospital housing partnerships, community health advocates and behavioral health navigators to improve health care outcomes and reduce health care costs.

    He has lectured in clinical bioethics at the Harvard, University of New England and Maine law schools, and has been published in numerous books and journals. Corbett received his BS in International Relations from Syracuse University, a Juris Doctor from St. John’s University and a Master of Divinity from Duke University.

    Scott Ellner
    Group Operating President and Chief Executive Officer for Centura Health Physician Group

    Scott is the group operating president and chief executive officer for Centura Health Physician Group, an employed, multi-specialty group with over 900 providers and 3,000 associates which is part of the Centura Health system of 18 hospitals within Colorado and western Kansas. Dr. Ellner trained in general surgery at UC San Diego and was an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine for 10 years, where his research focused on surgical quality and patient safety. He has created a patient safety curriculum used by the University of Connecticut medical school and is a faculty member of the American College of Surgeons’ Leading Surgical Quality program. With a degree in Health Care Management from the T. H. Chan Harvard School of Pubic Health, Dr. Ellner’s emphasis has been on change management, conflict resolution, value-based reimbursement models and competitive strategy for large, employed physician groups. He is a recipient of the Roger Schenke Award from the American Association for Physician Leadership.

    Brian Erling
    Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer

    As chief clinical officer, Brian is responsible for providing overall strategic direction and leadership for the establishment and sustained success of Centura Health in clinical excellence and optimal value as defined by outcomes effectiveness, service, cost, and convenience. A highly experienced emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Erling has long been a leader in quality improvement and care access. Prior to joining Centura Health, Dr. Erling served as president of EmCare Alliance Group, a subsidiary of Envision Healthcare. Dr. Erling received his Bachelor of Science in biology from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa; his Medical Doctorate from John Hopkins University in Baltimore; and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Denver. He completed his residency in emergency medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Dr. Erling is board certified through the American Board of Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

    Jodi Halpern
    Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities, University of California Berkeley

    Jodi Halpern, M.D., Ph.D, is Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Joint Medical Program and the School of Public Health. As a psychiatrist with a background in philosophy, she investigates how emotions and the imagination shape healthcare decisions of clinicians and patients. She is also the director for the Institute for Personality and Social Research, at UC Berkeley.

    Dr. Halpern’s longstanding focus has been on clinical empathy. In addition to From Detached Concern to Empathy: Humanizing Medical Practice, she is completing a book on the role of self-empathy in living well in the wake of illness and disability. She is also beginning work with veterans on their emotional experiences on returning to their families after war.

    Damon Hostin
    CEO, Precision Medicine Alliance of Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health

    Damon Hostin is CEO of the Precision Medicine Alliance of Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health, bringing genomic solutions to over 100 hospitals across the nation. Damon had previously served CHI in business development roles spanning 5 years. Prior, he was a clinical business lead in industry for both Complete Genomics and Strategic Diagnostics. Earlier, Damon co-founded and managed GenVis Labs, a genetic diagnostic company purchased by Pfizer. As a founding member of Actinium Pharmaceuticals, he managed alliances and licensing for targeted oncology therapeutics. Prior to Actinium, Damon worked as Team Leader, Sequencing at Celera Genomics where he was co-published on the Human and Drosophila genomes in Science and contributed to pharmaceutical company partnerships. Damon’s education includes undergraduate studies at Tulane University, Master's studies at Harvard University and Wharton, and certificate programs at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), and the NIH.

    Janet Houser
    Regis University

    Dr. Janet Houser is currently Provost at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Since joining Regis in 2000, Dr. Houser has been faculty in Health Services Administration, Associate Dean for Research, Dean of the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, and Vice Provost for Resource Planning.

    Dr. Houser has a degrees in nursing and health services administration and a PhD in applied statistics and research methods. She has taught healthcare students from undergraduate through doctoral level, primarily in the subjects of biostatistics and quantitative methods.

    Dr. Houser has published five books, Clinical Research in Practice: A Guide for the Bedside Scientist, Nursing Research: Reading, Using, and Creating Evidence, which is in its fourth edition, and Evidence-Based Practice: An Implementation Guide. She has more than 30 publications in journals and books and has presented her research at regional, national and international conferences.

    Peter Hudson

    Dr. Peter Hudson is a Managing Director at Alta, and a physician and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience founding, growing, and investing in both healthcare technology and services and digital health. Pete’s focus has been on creating efficiencies within the healthcare delivery system and empowering healthcare consumers with novel technology. Previously he has been a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits (to both public and private companies), a healthcare investment banker with both sell-side and buy-side experience in information technology and healthcare services, and has worked in senior executive roles in both large payer and provider organizations, most recently as Head of Consumer Technologies at Aetna. Pete’s companies included nuMedica (acquired by CSLR), Ascend Billing (acquired by Intermedix), iTriage (acquired by AET), and EMP (recapitalized with Welsh Carson). He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of U.S. Acute Care Solutions, one of the nation's largest acute care companies and a Welsh Carson portfolio company, and is on the board of directors for private-equity backed Maestro Health, mobile acute care provider DispatchHealth, and serves as senior advisor to venture-backed Augmedix. Dr. Hudson was the Colorado Technology Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 and a guest of the First Lady at the State of the Union in 2013, representing digital health as a national policy objective. He holds a B.A. from Colorado College and an M.D. from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

    Thea James
    Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Boston Medical Center/Boston University School of Medicine

    Dr. Thea L. James is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Boston Medical Center/Boston University School of Medicine, and President of the Boston Medical and Dental Faculty. She also serves as the Associate Chief Medical Officer, Vice President of Mission, and Director of the Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (VIAP) at Boston Medical Center.

    Dr. James has chaired and served on national committees within the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM), served as a moderator, and has given public lectures and talks. She was appointed to the SAEM Women in Academic Emergency Medicine Task Force, is a member of the Boston University School of Medicine Admissions Committee, and in 2009, Dr. James was appointed to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, where she presently serves as Chair of the Licensing Committee. Dr. James is the 2008 awardee of the David H. Mulligan Award for public service.

    Dr. James’ passion is in Public Health both domestically and globally. She is a Supervising Medical Officer on the Boston Disaster Medical Assistance Team, under the Department of Health and Human Services, which has responded to several disasters in the United States and across the globe. She has deployed to post 9/11 in NYC, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, Bam, Iran after the earthquake in 2003, and Port-Au-Prince Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. For twelve years Dr. James has traveled to Haiti, with colleagues and emergency medicine residents.

    Dr. James received her Doctor of Medicine from Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Boston University Medical Center.

    Cynthia Latney 
    CNO and VP, Patient Care Services for Penrose- St. Francis Health Services

    Cynthia Latney, is the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and Vice President (VP) of Patient Care Services for Penrose- St. Francis Health Services since 2014. She also serves as the Group CNO for Centura Health’s Southern Colorado hospitals. On July 1, 2017, Cynthia will be transitioning to a new role, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), for Centura Health. Cynthia has three decades of nursing practice and leadership experience with Centura Health, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. A strong transformational leader, she influences the hospitals’ strategic direction and ensures that nursing strategies and initiatives are aligned to advance patient care and organizational success. She is a member of the American Organization of Nursing Executives (AONE), Colorado Organization of Nurse Leaders (CONL), American Nursing Association (ANA), and American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). She serves on the following boards: Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (SCWCC), CONL, Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, and Capella University School of Nursing and Health Sciences Advisory Board. Cynthia has a Bachelor of Science in nursing, master of science in nursing, and currently pursuing her Ph.D. in healthcare administration. Also, she is board certified in nursing executive practice.

    Ellen Lawton 
    Co-Director, National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership: Milken School of Public Health, George Washington University

    Ellen Lawton, JD is a Principal Investigator and Lead Research Scientist at the George Washington University where she leads the University’s National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership in the Department of Health Policy and Management. An expert in poverty law generally, Ms. Lawton is a lead editor of the 2011 textbook, Poverty, Health & Law: Readings from Medical-Legal Partnership. Ms. Lawton is internationally recognized for her leadership in developing the medical-legal partnership approach, and has published an array of articles describing this work in both clinical and legal journals. Ms. Lawton leads NCMLP's national cooperative agreement with the US Department of Health & Human Services Health Services and Research Administration. Ms. Lawton received the 2011 Innovations in Legal Services Award from the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, is chair of the board of directors at Health Imperatives and is a member of the board of directors of Community Resources for Justice. She also serves on the national advisory committee for the Primary Care Leadership Program.

    Dayna Bowen Matthew

    Dayna Bowen Matthew is a full Professor at the University of Colorado Law School and the Colorado School of Public Health. In the fall 2017, she will join the faculty or the University of Virginia School of Law.

    From 2015-2016, Dayna enjoyed a 2-year leave of absence from Colorado Law to work on national health policy issues in Washington, D.C. During 2015, she served as a Senior Advisor to the Director of the EPA’s Office of Civil Rights. As a 2015-2016 Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow, Professor Matthew served on the health policy team for Senator Debbie Stabenow, of Michigan. She currently works as Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and as a Visiting Fellow with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

    Professor Matthew served from 2004 – 2011 as the Law School’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and then as the Law School’s Vice Dean. In addition to directing the Law School’s Health Law and Policy program, Matthew teaches Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, and a variety of Health and Public Health law courses.

    Professor Matthew’s primary research interests are in health equity and integrated health care delivery, with an emphasis on developing alternative payment models to address social determinants. She co-founded the Colorado Health Equity Project (CHEP) to form medical-legal partnerships throughout Colorado. CHEP works in collaboration with integrated, primary care providers serving low-income communities. CHEP attorneys and students provide direct legal representation to patients and to community organizations whose health is adversely affected by legal problems related to the social determinants of health. CHEP also trains providers and develops policy strategies to improve public health of low-income populations. Currently, Professor Matthew is principle investigator on a study to evaluate the impact of medical legal partnerships on children’s health. She has also recently released a book, titled, “Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care” published in hardcover by New York University Press.

    Maye Musk
    Dietitian Nutritionist

    Maye Musk MS RDN is a registered dietitian-nutritionist with two MS degrees. She has spent 45 years in the nutrition industry – counseling, speaking, consulting, writing and doing media work. She has reached the peak in nutrition entrepreneurship in three countries. She was the first Representative of the Consulting Dietitians of Southern Africa; President of the Consulting Dietitians of Canada; and won the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award in the USA. She was the first dietitian to be featured on a cereal box with her book, Feel Fantastic (free on her blog). Maye continues to keep up-to-date on nutrition research and innovation in the health field for her speaking engagements and media interviews. Her talk will include the most important advice to achieve good health in Colorado

    Mark Prather
    CEO, DispatchHealth

    Dr. Prather is the co-founder and CEO of DispatchHealth, a tech-enabled in-home acute care delivery platform. Dr. Prather serves as the western President for US Acute Care Solutions, an outsourced acute care provider serving over 6,000,000 patients annually. Dr. Prather has a passion for clinical excellence, innovations in care delivery and health IT. Dr. Prather served as Medical Director for the mobile health company, iTriage, and currently sits on the board of Colorado’s Health Information Exchange, CORHIO.

    Brian T. Regan
    General Partner of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

    Mr. Regan is a General Partner of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (“WCAS”), where he focuses on healthcare investments and is a member of the Firm’s Management and Investment Review Committees. He serves on the Boards of Directors of US Acute Care Solutions, US Anesthesia Partners, Springstone and Aptuit. Mr. Regan has also been involved in current and former WCAS investments in NEWAsurion, Laurus Labs, Ardent Health Services, Bausch & Lomb, Select Medical, MultiPlan/Viant and Ruesch International. Before joining WCAS in 2002, he worked in the investment banking division of Merrill Lynch. Mr. Regan graduated from Yale College.

    Swami Satya Brahmananda Sarawasti

    Swami Satya Brahmananda Sarawasti (Swami Ananda) is a retired Stanford professor, with double Masters in Science & Philosophy from Oxford & Bananas Hindu Universities. He took an oath in 1967 to become a swami -- a spiritual teacher in the Hindu tradition. Wearing a bright orange monk's robe, Swami shares his wisdom at prestigious global forums and Silicon Valley audiences. Swami has been a featured speaker at the Summit Series for entrepreneurs on Powder Mountain, given spiritual counsel to Marc Benioff, Sir Richard Branson, Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers), Lenny Kravitz and Michael Birch among others. Swami travels worldwide conducting seminars, lectures and workshops including speaking at Innovation Endeavors’ Curiosity Camp, Singularity University’s Future Med 2020 / Exponential Medicine conferences, and the Social Innovation Summit at Stanford.

    Joe Selby
    Executive Director at Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

    After obtaining his MD Degree from Northwestern, Dr. Selby moved to Northern California for an internship and a family medicine residency and eventually an MPH at UC Berkeley. His fellowship project concerned Behavioral Factors in Cardiovascular Disease. He stayed in the bay area at Kaiser Permanente for 27 years, including 13 as Director of Research supervising up to 50 investigators and 500 staff members. He has had academic appointments at UC Berkeley, UCSF and Stanford. He has authored more than 200 peer reviewed articles on far ranging topics such as quality measurement and improvement, primary care delivery, colorectal cancer screening and many studies that could be classified under the heading of “comparative effectiveness” – largely in the areas of diabetes, HTN and cardiovascular disease. He has received honors from the Public Health Service, the American Epidemiological Society, Kaiser Permanente and in 2009 he was elected into the Institute of Medicine. In July 2011, Dr. Selby became the first Executive Director of the Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI). PCORI’s mandate is to improve the quality and relevance of the evidence available in order to help patients, caregivers, employers, insurers and policy makers make informed healthcare decisions.

    Dwayne Sansone 
    Vice President and National Head of Network, Technology and Innovation. Aetna

    As Vice President and National Head of Network, Technology and Innovation for Aetna’s Medicaid enterprise, Dwayne Sansone is responsible for all provider Network Contracting, Value Based Solutions, Population Health, Technology and Innovation divisions. He also leads the start-up planning for Aetna’s new health plans in California, Nevada and Maryland. Previously, Dwayne served as Chief Operating Officer for Aetna’s Medicaid division, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations, network, technology, integration, and strategy departments across Aetna’s 17 state Medicaid footprint. Dwayne originally joined Aetna’s Corporate Development division in 2010, ultimately serving as Vice President of New Business Development. In this position, he played a leading role in many key Aetna acquisitions, including Medicity, Prodigy, PayFlex, iTriage, InterGlobal and Coventry. Prior to joining Aetna, Dwayne spent 12 years in the financial services industry, holding positions of increasing responsibility in investment banking, equity research and public accounting. Dwayne holds a Master’s of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Citigroup Fellow, and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he was a Michigan Scholar. He is also a certified public accountant.

    Mildred Solomon
    President, The Hastings Center

    Mildred Solomon has an international reputation for her research on, and advocacy for, wiser health care and science policy. In addition to her leadership role at The Hastings Center, she is a professor at Harvard Medical School, where she directs the school’s Fellowship in Bioethics, a program that builds the bioethics capacity of the Harvard teaching hospitals. Dr. Solomon is both a bioethicist and social science researcher. The primary focus of her bioethics scholarship has been on the ethics of end-of-life care for adults and children, organ transplantation, protection of human research participants, responsible conduct of research, and the governance of emerging technologies.

    Dr. Solomon’s scholarship in bioethics has informed health policy in a number of ways. She has served on committees of, and consulted to, the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. She served a five-year term on the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Organ Transplantation, and she currently is on the advisory council of the Public Health and Human Rights Program at the Open Society Foundations. Recently, she provided expert consultation and a background scholarly paper on end-of-life care for the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Health Strategies Group. She will soon begin a two-year term on the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Technology, Values and Policy.

    She is the author of approximately 70 scholarly papers, published in a broad range of journals, including the American Journal of Public Health, Health Affairs, the Hastings Center Report, the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, and JAMA Pediatrics. A frequent speaker, her research and policy work have been described in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and other major media outlets.

    David Stuckler 
    Professor of Political Economy and Sociology, University of Oxford

    Dr. Stuckler is a Professor of Political Economy and Sociology at University of Oxford and research fellow of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Chatham House. He has written over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles on global health in The Lancet, British Medical Journal and Nature in addition to other major journals. His book about the global chronic-disease epidemic, Sick Societies, was published by Oxford University Press in 2011. He is also an author of The Body Economic, published by Penguin Press in 2013 and translated into over ten languages. His work has featured on covers of the New York Times and The Economist, among other venues. Foreign Policy named him one of the top 100 global thinkers of 2013.

    Dr. Stuckler received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas, his Masters in Public Health from Yale University, and his PhD from Cambridge University.

    James Tcheng 
    Interventional Cardiologist, Duke University School of Medicine

    James E. Tcheng, MD is a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology and Professor of Informatics in the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University in Durham, NC. He is an active interventional cardiologist along with being faculty of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) and the Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI). He serves as Director of the Duke Cardiovascular Databank, Director of Performance Improvement for the Duke Heart Center, Chief Medical Information Officer for the Duke Heart Network, and Chair of the American College of Cardiology Informatics and Health Information Technology committee. His current work focuses on informatics, specifically the harmonizing of clinical definitions of cardiovascular clinical data elements and the development of structured reporting across academia, regulatory agencies, the life sciences industry, professional societies, and standards organizations, to improve the capture, communication, interoperability, and analysis of healthcare information.

    David L. Watson 
    Chief Medical Officer, Centura Global Health Initiatives-Centura Health

    David Watson, MD, FACOG, is serving as the Chief Medical Officer for Global Health Initiatives (GHI) of Centura Health. This organization partners with health care organizations and facilities within several overseas countries such as Peru, Rwanda, Nepal, Tanzania, and Haiti. GHI extends the healing ministry of Christ by strengthening existing health facilities and services in developing countries, and by nurturing the health of the people in those communities through local partnerships. David Watson, MD, has also served as the Chief Medical Officer of Centura Health Physician Group (CHPG). This employed multispecialty group has over 700 providers and 150 clinics, and is part of Centura Health, the largest health system in Colorado, serving Colorado and Kansas. He performed in this role from 2010-2016, and had been an employed physician with CHPG since its inception. His Centura Health leadership roles have also included Chief of Staff of St. Anthony Hospitals, and Perinatal Services Medical Director. His leadership efforts have spanned over system transformation, medical staff development, quality, safety, risk, peer review and credentialing.

    Julielynn Wong
    Founder, Chairman, & C.E.O., Medical Makers; 3D4MD

    Julielynn Wong is a Harvard-educated physician-scientist, innovator, and educator whose life's mission is to take technology to the extreme to benefit the world. She is internationally recognized as a 3D printing, drone, and digital health pioneer who uses cutting-edge technology to deliver healthcare solutions across diverse environments, from outer space to remote communities with limited access to healthcare resources.

    Following medical school at Queen's University, Dr. Wong received a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship to complete her Masters of Public Health degree studies at Harvard University. She is dual board certified in aerospace medicine and public health and general preventive medicine, has authored over 35 scientific and technical publications and has 14 pending patents.

    Dr. Wong is a passionate educator who has taught courses and workshops for thousands of grade school, university, and postgraduate students. She founded Medical Makers, a program to inspire, educate, and empower a global community of innovators, patients and healthcare providers to make sustainable solutions to save lives, time, and money.

    Julielynn founded 3D4MD, a social enterprise that makes 3D printable medical supplies to impact over 1 billion lives. She was the first to 3D print medical supplies on the International Space Station and she designed a solar-powered ultra-portable 3D printing system to make lower cost medical supplies on-site in remote communities.

    Additionally, Dr. Wong is an avid pilot and drone racer, has flown as a microgravity researcher with NASA's parabolic flight program, and served as an analog astronaut for NASA's Human Exploration Research Analog IX and the Mars Desert Research Station Crew 145 mission simulations.

    Emma J. Kagel, JD, MBe
    Manager, Medical Legal Partnerships and Bioethicist at Centura Health

    Emma J. Kagel, JD, MBe, received her law degree from the University of Washington Seattle School of Law and her Masters in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School as part of their inaugural class. Ms. Kagel is the Manager of Medical Legal Partnerships and Bioethicist at Centura Health. Active in the law school’s Children Advocacy Youth Advocacy Clinic, she was involved in the representation and advocacy of clients in juvenile delinquency and child welfare proceedings. Ms. Kagel developed the law school’s Children Advocacy Youth Advocacy Clinic’s incorporation of behavioral health and disability advocacy in approaching cases in family and juvenile law. Ms. Kagel co-authored the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured “Perspectives on Medicare Part D and Dual Eligibles: Key Informants’ Views from Three States.” At Northwest Health Law Advocates (NoHLA) she was involved in legislative advocacy and advocacy of consumer health issues and health care protections, as well as education and community outreach for health care access. She has 15 years of training in clinical and organizational ethics at sites throughout the country including Vanderbilt University, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Connecticut, University of Washington, and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

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