Where Gifts Go

Learn how your donation to Avista Adventist Hospital Foundation is used to support programs that improve health care in our community.

Where Gifts Go

Learn how your donation to Avista Adventist Hospital Foundation is used to support programs that improve health care in our community.

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Avista Adventist Hospital Foundation

Supporting our Louisville community

Your charitable donation is used in a variety of ways, including growing Avista Adventist Hospital's patient service lines, like breast care and labor and delivery, as well as creating community programs based on our community's needs.

Hospital services we support

Hospital services we support

We are expanding our expertise in women’s care to create a full-service Women’s Health Center. Help us build these blessings and sanctuaries of hope:

Navigation Services to guide patients through treatment options, appointments and provide ongoing support during this stressful process

Stereotactic Biopsy to provide state-of-the-art biopsies and peace of mind

Tomosynthesis 3D Mammography to deliver the sharpest images, allowing radiologists to create a 3-D view of the breast, increasing early detection

An Enhanced Environment that is designed to reduce stress and make patients more comfortable

Genetic Counseling that provides clear information about risk factors and addresses patient questions and concerns. Avista’s Women’s Health program is aimed at making a difference in all of these ways.

The New Life Center at Avista Adventist Hospital delivers over 2,000 babies each year. That’s by far more than any other hospital in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Money raised on behalf of the Center provides a critical source of funding for capital, programmatic and special needs – such needs as on-going training and professional development for our staff of over 200 nurses and medical personnel in the department; Family Life Education for first-time and veteran parents-to-be; comfort items in our private, luxury birthing suites; bereavement counseling for parents who lose an infant at birth; fetal and neonatal monitors for the most precious and fragile of lives; and patient financial assistance to families in need.

Generous support from the community helps keep Avista Adventist Hospital on the cutting edge of technology with needed equipment. It also enables us to expand our breast care services, as well as provide early detection screenings for all women in our community. Through your generosity, we can work toward ensuring that all women within the Avista Adventist Hospital community can have access to early detection and fewer call backs through breast screenings on 3D Mammography. It is our goal to acquire a 3D Mammography machine at our Church Ranch facility, which is a hub for our women’s services. Fundraising goal: $350,000

Hospital programs we support

Hospital programs we support

When you honor a caregiver by supporting Avista Adventist Hospital, you help:

  • Improve detection rates
  • Elevate patient care through cutting-edge technology
  • Provide care to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it

Your partnership will enable Avista Adventist Hospital to continue to advance the health issues that are important to you and provide the most comprehensive women's health care in the region.

Together we have the power to touch lives.

Forty percent of all patients at Avista are admissions to our New Life Center, and due to these admissions, Avista Adventist Hospital helps deliver over 2,500 babies annually. It is our passion to ensure that all babies are off to the right start. Teaching all new mothers about safe sleeping is the first step for us. Avista is a champion of HALO brand sleep sacks and has the desire to ensure that all babies born in our New Life Center can leave the hospital with their own sleep sack and the education to know how to keep their baby safe while sleeping. Fundraising goal: $40,000 or $150 for every 10 sleep sacks.

The Healing Arts Program integrates the arts into health care by creating an environment not just to treat illness, but to provide an inspiration for living. From music, to paintings and sculptures, the unique services offer many expressions of art to revitalize the mind, body and spirit. By expanding this significant differentiating program, we are able to provide emotional and spiritual care to our patients and their loved ones. Our generous community support directly impacts the patient experience in a very positive and powerful way every single day. Fundraising Goal: $30,000 or every $600 provides one therapist per month.

The therapy dogs and their handlers are a welcome distraction from illness or pain by bringing laughter and encouragement to everyone they meet. It’s always a joy to see one of our dogs providing comfort and bringing smiles to patients, their families and our staff when it’s needed most. Donations to this program ensure scholarships, uniforms, rewards, incentives, program candidate promotion, and community outreach programs.

The acquisition of a CPR mannequin will benefit all the clinical staff at Avista in maintaining continued competence to complete continuing education in life saving techniques that will directly benefit our patients. In addition to this, the mannequin can travel outside the hospital with our staff to teach life saving techniques to members of the community. Fundraising goal: $800