Boulder County Fires: Avista Adventist Hospital

Reopening of Avista Adventist Hospital and how you can help.

Boulder County Fires: Avista Adventist Hospital

Reopening of Avista Adventist Hospital and how you can help.

Avista Adventist Hospital is now open to our communities

As of January 18, all services have resumed at Avista Adventist Hospital, including the ER, which is open 24 hours a day. The hospital has been extensively cleaned and sanitized since the Marshall Fire on Dec. 30, when smoke damage affected the interior. Teams have been working diligently since then to prepare for the hospital’s reopening. The hospital’s air and water have been extensively tested to ensure quality and are in excellent condition.

Learn more about steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our patients and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Avista Adventist Hospital has reopened and we’re standing with you to heal

For some of our caregivers, saving patients came first before their own homes. Now, we've reopened to resume our more than 125-year legacy of compassionately caring for the community. We will heal, and rebuild, together.

While the hospital did not sustain direct fire damage from the Marshall fire, there was smoke damage in the hospital. Additionally, similar to much of the community, the hospital was without natural gas and potable water.

Leaders with Centura Health and Avista Adventist Hospital and cleaning experts conducted a thorough assessment of the hospital campus on Dec. 31, and teams have been working diligently since then to prepare for the hospital’s reopening. The work included the following:

  • Every surface in the hospital was deep cleaned and sanitized by professional cleaners.
  • Each air filtration in the system was replaced due to smoke damage.
  • All equipment was cleaned, sanitized and inspected to ensure it works properly.

Air and water has been extensively tested to ensure quality.

Read more about the cleaning process.

The hospital’s air quality is in excellent condition. All air filtration systems were replaced and more than 200 “air scrubbers” have been operating 24/7 since the fire.

Due to the extensive impact from the Marshall fire in the Louisville/Superior communities, it is possible there will be at times a slight smell of smoke inside the hospital. Tests have repeatedly found the air within Avista to be in excellent condition after thorough and continuous cleaning, and this has been validated by a third party industrial hygienist.

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 18, Avista Adventist Hospital will be open and available to safely provide all services and procedures to our patients and community. Patients who had procedures scheduled during our temporary closure were contacted and have rescheduled their procedures.

Yes, we will be open and ready to safely care for you at your appointment scheduled on or after Jan. 18.

Creating a safe and clean environment where we can compassionately care for our patients is our top priority. Our teams have worked diligently with local authorities and facilities to safely reopen the hospital. Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 18, we will be open and ready to serve you with high-quality whole person care once again.

Avista caregivers who were able to continue working were temporarily redeployed to our other Centura facilities while the hospital was temporarily closed. Some leadership was available on-site at Avista to support our reopening efforts.

Avista Hospital

Please consider donating to the Avista Adventist Hospital Foundation for emergency preparedness.

How can you help?

In response to the fires and their impact on our Avista community, an anonymous donor has generously made a $50,000 matching gift to assist associates, patients, and our hospital. Please join us as we raise funds unlock this incredible gift. You can choose to support Emergency Preparedness, Associate Financial Assistance, or Patient Financial Assistance.