Pathways to Health & Wellness

A unique whole person approach to health through the mind, body and spirit.

Pathways to Health and Wellness is an 18-session seminar presented over three months designed to help you choose and attain the health goals you have set for yourself. No two individuals are alike which is why this program has the flexibility to adapt to each individual for maximum success. The course is offered at a variety of locations near you.

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Course Includes:

  • Interactive Participant Guide with lecture notes, discussion questions, health tips, recipes, and more
  • Cooking and exercise videos. See some of our videos
  • Personalized Health Risk Assessment that allows you to evaluate your own health journey
  • Laboratory data that includes a cholesterol panel, blood sugar levels, BMI, blood pressure and much more
  • Trained facilitator who will lead discussions and help you discover how to take charge of your health
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Find out how to prevent and get support to:

  • Reverse Type II Diabetes
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduce Hypertension / Blood Pressure
  • Reverse Heart Disease and Stroke Risk
  • Lose Weight while Eating More
  • Lift Depression and Feel Great Again

Why it Works

You’ve tried and you’ve discovered diets don’t work. The secret to achieving and sustaining your health is learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that addresses the whole of who you are. Imagine if you could...

Beliefs: Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs about what you can achieve.
Choices: Discover which choices make the biggest difference in your health.
Nutrition: Develop your taste for health promoting foods.
Movement: Incorporate the right kinds of movement into your everyday life.
Sunlight: Discover the importance of sunshine and how to get safe levels of Vitamin D.
Water: Learn why water is so important to your health and how to get the right amount.
Environment: Create your environment to work for instead of against you.
Gratitude: Learn how to replace negative thinking with positive health promoting thoughts.
Relationships: Develop a supportive community that helps you achieve your goals.
Forgiveness: Heal the wounds of your past.
Meaning: Find your purpose and discover how valuable you are.
Sleep: Improve your life balance and build resilience.

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