Executive Leadership Development Residency

Centura Health executive team proudly presents the Nebula/Nurse Executive residency program for associates. This new and innovative program is intended to prepare a pipeline of internal candidates for future leadership positions within Centura Health. This program is intended for leaders who aspire to be in a health care executive role.

The Nebula* program allows select director-level or physician leaders to participate in many forms of development within a cohort of their peers from across the Centura Health system. The face-to-face component of this program is four, two-day intensive sessions spread across the year. During those sessions, our leaders will partner with external facilitators to deliver a variety of leadership content addressing leadership areas such as business acumen, setting health care strategy, emotional intelligence, executive presence, leading change, innovation, coaching and developing staff and decision making. Additional development will include assessments of participants’ leadership capability, applying new skills and behaviors in project teamwork, and an opportunity to receive coaching to continue to improve leadership abilities.

Why do we call it Nebula? Because nebula is scientifically defined as a collection of interstellar particles from which stars are born. We are excited to provide an opportunity to help shape Centura Health’s future “stars” through our Leadership Nebula. This program is selective and requires a significant time commitment on the participant’s part. Approximately 40 hours per quarter (about 3 hours per week) of time should be committed for one year.

The residency program is one year in length. This is a preceptor, experiential program with required classroom time, online assignments, and a project. Estimated time to complete all components of the residency program is about 15 hours/month.

For further information, please contact Noreen Bernard.