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Global Health Initiatives works in regions of the world where the healthcare needs are great and there are many barriers to accessing local health care services. 

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Global Health Initiatives works in regions of the world where the healthcare needs are great and there are many barriers to accessing local health care services. 

Be a part of a medical mission

Medical missions provide the opportunity for medical and non-medical volunteers to provide cost free, life changing services to communities in the developing world.

Can I purchase my own plane ticket separately?
No, it is important that our teams travel together on the same itinerary in the event that flights are delayed or cancelled. To ensure our group stays together, tickets must be purchased through our travel coordinator.

Can I use miles for my plane ticket?
In some cases, volunteers can use their own personal miles for obtaining plane tickets. The same itinerary as the group is required, though, as is approval from the GHI administration.

Can medical students serve in clinical roles?
No, if you are in medical or nursing school, you will not be able to provide direct medical care. However, you may be able to schedule limited observations with the practicing physicians and nurses at the team leader’s discretion. Non-clinical positions are open for volunteers in undergraduate or graduate programs, but no clinical work can be done without a license.

Can children participate in a GHI trip?
Children aged 12 and older are encouraged to participate in a GHI family trip, provided that a parent is also participating. Community service projects are organized during family trips and provide non-clinical opportunities for children to interact with another culture. If you are a volunteer between the ages of 18-22 and are traveling without a parent, we will require some extra information, as well as an interview, before we can approve your application.

What if I want to start my trip before the mission week or extend my trip afterward?
You are welcome to extend your trip but will need to use our travel agent for your flights. You will be invoiced for any difference in airfare. We strongly recommend volunteers initiate their travel as one large group. This will help to maximize the safely and efficiency of the team with issues such as international logistics, navigating customs, and the transportation of supplies and materials.

Peru Only: What if I want to visit Cusco after the mission week, but not Ceiba Tops?
The Cusco excursion that is organized by GHI always includes the weekend at Ceiba Tops prior to traveling to Cusco, and participants will be invoiced for both the Ceiba Tops and Cusco excursions. Individual travel to Cusco, Machu Picchu, or other sites can be organized privately and in coordination with the GHI Travel Coordinator.

Is there financial assistance?
Limited financial assistance may be available on an occasional basis for Centura associates. Please ask the GHI team for more information.

As a Centura associate, do I have to take Paid Time Off (PTO) to volunteer for a GHI mission trip?
Yes, currently Centura associates must use PTO to serve on GHI mission trips.

How much do the trips cost?

The costs of the trips are as follows:

  • Peru fall and winter: $2,500
  • Peru summer: $2,650
  • Rwanda: $3,300
  • Nepal: $3,200

Costs includes:

  • Airfare
  • Ground Transportation
  • Lodging
  • All Meals

Travel expenses for mission trips are tax-deductible. Some scholarships are available for Centura Health employees depending on their place of employment and we can also assist with fundraising ideas.

Volunteer Application

Applicants will need to submit a deposit to guarantee a spot and attend an orientation meeting with the entire team prior to departure.

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