Continuation of Helping Babies Breathe in Uganda

HBB Uganda

As GHI reached their one-year partnership anniversary with the Musana Hospital in Uganda, Dr. David Watson, Dr. Sharri Vares, and Gena Weir recently visited the site to assess the local, ongoing Helping Babies Breathe program.

The Helping Babies Breathe program teaches health care providers the necessary steps to save a baby’s life in the first few moments after birth. This expertise is vital and has already been changing lives through GHI in other areas such as Peru and Nepal. With the lack of education and resources in Uganda, GHI launched the HBB program there to bring down the neonatal mortality rate.

At one local health center, the mortality rate was incredibly high, at 50 out of every 1,000. In comparison, according to the CDC, the neonatal mortality rate in the United States in 2017 was only 5.8 per 1000. In the year since GHI has initiated and implemented the Helping Babies Breathe training, not a single baby has been lost. We credit this to the vigilance of in-country champion Dr. Isa and Master Trainer Shamira, and know that with their leadership, these techniques continue to be taught and shared around the community.

We are also incredibly blessed by a strong relationship with the local health services officer, who recognizes the need for HBB training. This partnership is rooted in high collaboration and dedication to the community’s overall health. With this unique partnership, HBB programs are continuing to take root in the area.

As GHI moves into its second year partnering with this Ugandan community, we look forward to continued growth in education and neonatal health.

You too can be involved! Consider joining a mission trip to Uganda or making a donation toward more training and involvement in the Iganga district. Email Kim Kennedy for more information.