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The New Life Birth Center at Avista Adventist Hospital is recognized as the area's preferred birth center and a hospital that caters to the special needs of women. Consistently scoring among the nation's top hospitals for patient, physician and employee satisfaction.

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Our Services

We have some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable doctors and nurses in Colorado and our birth center features 28 private birthing suites where you'll deliver with the comforts of home. 

We also have a level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed around the clock with neonatal nurse practitioners (Neonatologists and other specialists are also available if necessary).


Birth center features

Birth Center

Birth center features

Our birth center offers:

  • A spacious, private birthing suite where you can stay for labor, deliver and recovery. Each birthing suite offers a sleeper sofa for your birth coach
  • A level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed around the clock with neonatal nurse practitioners (Neonatologists and other specialists are also available if necessary)
  • Some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable doctors and nurses in Colorado
  • Two dedicated OB surgical suites-available immediately if a C-section is necessary
  • Room service
  • 24-hour in-house anesthesia coverage
  • OB physician in-house around the clock for immediate access
  • Breastfeeding support services
  • Birth classes
  • Help acquiring birth certificate and social security number
  • Adoption support program  

You'll shape your birth experience by telling us what kinds of things are important to you.

You'll decide:

  • The level of pain management, or whether you'd prefer a completely natural childbirth (Nitrous Oxide is now available to help ease anxiety, aid in relaxation and provide pain relief)
  • Who will be present with you at the birth
  • Important family, cultural or spiritual traditions that you wish to honor
  • Visiting hours for siblings, family and friends
  • If you want your spouse or birth partner to stay overnight 

At Avista Adventist Hospital, we are committed to your baby’s health and wellbeing. We support the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) and the March of Dimes campaign to educate women about 40 reasons to “Go the Full 40”.


Birth Center


Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Although we expect that each birth experience will be smooth and trouble-free, it's reassuring to know that the New Life Birth Center has a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and is equipped for emergency situations and complications. Avista offers the following services designed to handle complicated births and babies with special needs:

  • Dedicated surgical suite for cesarean births
  • Level III NICU Nursery-the largest in the area-with advanced capabilities to care for premature and sick babies
  • Sophisticated diagnostic services
  • Neonatologists (physicians who specialize in caring for sick or premature newborns)
  • Consultations with perinatologists (physicians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies)
  • Pediatricians
  • Specially trained staff
  • Anesthesiologists in house 24 hours a day
  • Obstetrician in house 24 hours a day
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners on duty in-house around the clock
Midwife delivery option

Birth Center

Midwife delivery option

Midwifery care is an option for women delivering at the New Life Birth Center at Avista Hospital. All of our midwives are Certified Nurse Midwives. Women with healthy pregnancies can choose prenatal care and delivery with a midwife who has privileges at our birth center.

  • You can schedule an initial prenatal appointment with Avista Women’s Care, letting them know of your preference to deliver with a midwife.
  • At all times during your pre-natal care and delivery, an OB/GYN will be available in the case of any complication.

To reach Avista Women’s Care line, call 303-439-8910.

Pre-delivery consultation

Birth Center

Pre-delivery consultation

In your 7th month of pregnancy, we encourage you to schedule a pre-delivery consultation with one of our New Life Center nurses. They will give you specific information about your delivery. You can share your own expectations or concerns with the nurse to ensure there are few, if any, surprises during labor and delivery. They can also help with special requests, such as planning for cultural or religious traditions you want to honor in the birthing of your child or having multiple people present for the delivery of your baby.  

Your New Life Center nurse will walk you through much of the paperwork prior to your due date, so most signatures and sign-offs are completed when you arrive for the birth of your baby.  

During the pre-delivery consultation, your nurse consultant can arrange a meeting with an Avista financial counselor who can answer questions about the cost of your hospital stay, insurance, self-payment plans and financial assistance.

You can request your consult online or contact us.


Birth classes & tours

Birth Center

Birth classes & tours

Whether pregnancy is a new experience or if you need an update on the most recent infant care practices, Avista's New Life Center offers parents a chance to learn about the newest techniques and methods. Though having a baby is one of the most common human experiences, science and research continue to expand our knowledge about preparing for childbirth. Our childbirth and family education courses are taught by experienced nurses and certified childbirth educators.

View and Register for Classes

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      A variety of classes are offered including the following topics:

      • Childbirth Preparation
      • Laboring with Confidence
      • Childbirth Express (one-day condensed class)
      • Baby Care
      • Breastfeeding
      • Infant/Child CPR
      • Sibling Preparation
      • Birth Center Tours
      • Boot Camp for New Dads

      For questions contact us.

      A Word about Refunds

      Due to the increased demand for our classes, especially the childbirth preparation series, there can be no refunds granted for any cancellation requests received later than two weeks prior to the starting date of the class series. A Full refund, minus a $10.00 processing fee per class, will be given for cancellation requests received 2 or more weeks before the start of a class series. The purpose of this policy is to assure a fair and equal opportunity for everyone wishing to participate in our education programs.

      Transfer Policy
      Transferring from one class to another is discouraged. If it is prior to the 2 week cancellation window, you can cancel your registration online using the link in your confirmation email, and re-register for the class of your choice. However if you need to change a class less than 2 weeks out from the original class date, there is a $10.00 processing fee per class.

      To transfer in this 2 week prior situation contact the Avista Family Life Education Department.

      Breastfeeding support

      Birth Center

      Breastfeeding support

      Why We Support Breastfeeding

      From the moment your baby is born, your body begins the milk production process. Colostrum, often called “liquid gold” because it is full of the nutrients and immune properties your baby needs, is present initially in small amounts. As your baby’s need increases, your body produces more. It is normal for your milk to come in fully by 3-5 days after delivery.

      The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners recommend breastfeeding for one year. Breastfeeding your baby for any length of time has benefits for you and your baby.

      We are committed to supporting your feeding choices.

      • Breast milk is natural, economical and convenient.
      • Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the first six months of life.
      • It contains appropriate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and provides digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins and hormones that infants require.
      • Breast milk contains antibodies that decrease the chance of infection and illness in your newborn.
      • Breastfeeding provides an opportunity for you to nurture your baby through close physical contact.
      • Breastfeeding generally promotes faster recovery for the mother. 

      Avista's International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are well recognized as some of the area's best-and are highly sought out even by moms who delivered at a different hospital. As a breastfeeding mother, you have access to our lactation consultants for support and education before your delivery, while in the hospital and after you go home.

      During your stay, a board certified lactation consultant is available for consultation 7 days a week; however, all of our New Life Center nurses are trained to assist with breastfeeding and are available to provide lactation support to you 24 hours a day.

      Do you produce more milk than your baby needs? Did you know that just one ounce of your milk could help feed a micro preemie for an entire day? Many infants have special health needs and require donor human milk feedings in order to thrive. The purpose of the Mother’s Milk Bank is to screen, collect, store and dispense human milk to these little ones. The program is managed by Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation. Avista Adventist Hospital is the local donation and outreach center.

      If you have questions or are interested in participating in the Mother's Milk Bank contact us.

      Phone: 303-869-1888

      • Spacious, private birthing suites
      • Level III NICU
      • Two dedicated OB surgical suites
      • In-house OB physician
      • Certified Nurse Midwife delivery option
      • Pain management choices
      • Breastfeeding support
      • Birth classes


      Our birth services, your way

      The New Life Birth Center at Avista Adventist Hospital is recognized as the area's preferred birth center and a hospital that caters to the special needs of women. Consistently scoring among the nation's top hospitals for patient, physician and employee satisfaction, Avista has repeatedly earned the Women’s Choice Award as a Top 100 Hospital for both patient experience and obstetrics.