Heart and Vascular Services

When you need cardiac care, you want compassionate and state-of-the-art care. Avista is proud to offer preventive, diagnostic, and interventional cardiology services to keep the hearts in our community strong and healthy. 

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Our Services

At Avista Adventist Hospital we've brought together highly skilled cardiologists and specialists, high-tech cardiac diagnostic and cardiac intervention equipment, innovative heart care programs and dedicated cardiology staff to achieve optimal outcomes for patients suffering from heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. 

Avista Adventist Hospital offers a cardiovascular cath lab meaning we are available for critical cardiac interventions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Cardiac diagnostic testing services

Heart and Vascular Services

Cardiac diagnostic testing services

To accurately diagnose and assess cardiovascular disease, a wide range of heart diagnostic and testing services are available at Avista Adventist Hospital in Louiseville. 

Cardiac diagnostic services we offer at Avista Adventist Hospital include:

  • Calcium Scoring Heart Scans
  • Cardiac Imaging studies
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Echocardiagrams
  • EKG
  • Sleep studies
  • Treadmill testing
Invasive cardiovascular testing and interventions

Heart and Vascular Services

Invasive cardiovascular testing and interventions

Avista Adventist Hospital offers a state-of-the-art cardiovascular lab with several areas of cardiac specialization including:

  • Cardiac cath lab including balloon, stent, drug-eluting stent, rotoblator TM, angiojet TM, cutting balloon, percusurge and filter-wire procedures
  • Permanent pacemaker implants including dual chamber, AICD and biventricular pacing
  • Integrated acute myocardial (heart attack) response with direct intervention 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The cardiovascular cath labs at Avista Adventist Hospital are available for critical cardiac interventions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Preventive screenings

Heart and Vascular Services

Preventive screenings

If you are a man and over age 40 or a woman and over age 45, you may have one or more risk factors for heart disease, even if you are the picture of health. Family history, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and diabetes are all factors leading to a good reason to get a heart calcium scoring exam.

Learn more about coronary artery calcium screenings with Centura Health. 

Women's heart health

Heart and Vascular Services

Women's heart health

Women and heart disease

Cold sweats, unusual tiredness, anxiety and loss of appetite might sound like symptoms of hormone changes or getting older but could actually be signs of heart disease, the leading cause of death for women.

Most people often think of heart disease as a man’s disease, but heart attacks affect more women than men and they are often more severe in women. Because women experience heart disease differently than men, at Avista Adventist Hospital, we believe treatment should be different as well.

Avista’s approach to women’s heart health

Our cardiology specialists are experts in providing female-focused heart care. We understand the unique signs and symptoms for women, which is why we provide women of all ages with prevention, early detection and treatment. Plus, we offer women the expertise of a female cardiologist – one of only a few in Denver.

Our cardiologists offer women a wide range of diagnostics, customized treatments, non-invasive procedures and endovascular interventions – such as stents, balloons and laser technology - to treat blockages of the arteries.

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