Birth Center

The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital wants to make your delivery experience as stress-free and as easy as possible. Our main goals are to ensure that both you and your baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy and childbirth, and to provide a comfortable and safe environment for you to give birth to your baby.

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Our Services

When you're looking at options for where to deliver your baby in the Parker or South Denver Area, the BirthPlace is here for you.

From our large private birthing suites, gourmet room service and a unique family-centered approach to care, The BirthPlace combines advanced medical expertise with the utmost of safety, comfort and confidence. Our highly skilled team is ready for anything, including high-risk pregnancies, multiples and premature babies. Our top priority is healthy moms and healthy babies through the entire birthing experience. We invite you to get to know us, and the high level of care we provide.

During your time with us, we promise to surround you with comfort and care. We will respect your beliefs and honor your birthing choices. We will work with you to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. And we will provide the nurturing environment you need to experience every moment to the fullest.

Birth center features

Birth Center

Birth center features

Birthing Suites Designed for Your Comfort

Our birthing suites have the advanced equipment and necessary space to manage every stage of your birthing experience. Each or our spacious rooms comes with a pull-out sleeper so a loved one can stay close and a private bathroom, internet connections, gourmet meals, and much more.  Babies that do not require special nursery needs will stay in a bedside bassinet in your room. Schedule a Tour

The Level of Pain Control You Choose

Along with epidurals and IV sedation, we offer a wide range of natural pain-management techniques. From the spa area with whirlpool to birthing ball, music and more, options are many. You'll also find BirthPlace staff members exceptionally supportive of your decisions.

  • Large private birthing suites and postpartum recovery rooms
    • HUGS Infant Security System provides 24/7 controlled access to the unit
    • Comfortable in-room sleeping accommodations for your spouse or support partner
    • Complimentary dine-in room service provided by the Peakview Café
  • Unique family-centered approach to care
  • Advanced medical expertise with the utmost of safety, comfort and confidence
  • Highly skilled team ready for anything, including high-risk pregnancies, multiples and premature babies
    • World-class perinatologists, neonatologists and OB/GYNs are ready to support you and your baby
    • Leading experts in perinatology from The Parker Perinatal Center care for patients with maternal or fetal care needs
    • 24/7 anesthesia coverage is available for all your pain management needs
    • Dedicated surgical suites for cesarean births are reserved just for moms
    • Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients are cared for by experienced neonatal specialists from Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Breastfeeding support with weekly drop in support from our IBCLC lactation
  • Variety of pain control options
    • Epidurals
    • IV sedation
    • Nitrous Oxide
    • Natural pain-management techniques
      • Whirlpool spa/jacuzzi tub
      • Birthing peanut ball
      • Music therapy and more
  • Car Seat Safety Check
  • Care package and BirthPlace bag for drive home
  • Classes:
  • Expected Mother’s designated parking
  • “Golden Hour” evidence based practice to promote bonding in the first hour of life
  • Bella baby | specialty photography for your baby’s first photo session
  • “In-house” breast pumps for you to use while you are our guest
  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • Television with a set package of channels, including children’s networks
  • Family drape for gentle C-sections
  • Needle art guild | holiday giving
  • Newborn Blessings from our pastoral team

One-on-One Breastfeeding Consultations

 Breastfeeding mothers are seen by one of our board-certified lactation consultants at some point during their stay at The BirthPlace. The lactation consultants will cover basic breastfeeding management and answer any questions you may have.  You will be given a feeding log to track your baby’s feeding, with written breastfeeding guidelines on what to expect in the first three days of life. If you need to pump during your stay, we recommend using one of our hospital grade pumps to get your supply off to a good start.

Assistance with Premature Babies

Our BirthPlace NICU staff will work with our NICU babies and parents to help initiate and support their breastfeeding needs throughout their stay.  All NICU “graduates” receive follow-up phone calls and breastfeeding support as needed.

    Level III NICU

    Birth Center

    Level III NICU

    Moms who choose Parker Adventist Hospital's BirthPlace can rest assured that they have access to experienced perinatal care and neonatal specialists backed by a specially-trained support staff. At Parker Adventist Hospital, neonatal care is provided by experts around the clock.

    This level of expertise means that fewer than one percent of the babies born at Parker Adventist Hospital require a transfer to a higher-level nursery, allowing 99 percent of moms and babies to remain together at our hospital no matter what their needs.

    Parker's NICU is designed with special equipment to care for premature, newborn babies.

    Our NICU is staffed with specially trained personnel who specialize in caring for high-risk newborns.

    Parker Adventist Hospital's NICU offers a level of advanced treatment capability that is rare for a hospital of its size with medical professionals who take pride in the advanced, high-quality care they provide.

    • Every BirthPlace nursing shift includes at least one NICU nurse - someone certified at the highest level of neonatal care.
    • Availability of a neonatal nurse practitioner 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Our neonatologists provide care for your newborn in our NICU at Parker. Your new baby will benefit from ready access to some of the finest pediatric care available in the state.
    • Annual NICU reunion since Parker Adventist Hospital opened its doors.
    • Each baby is unique requiring an individual care plan to support the mom and baby bonding. Our NICU makes every attempt to foster that bond by offering a sleep room (upon availability) to encourage feedings and care by the parents throughout the night.
    • Occupational and Physical Therapy is provided to your baby if needed as part of their developmental growth while they are under our care.
    • We support your decision to breastfeed your baby while in our NICU. Our lactation team checks in with you and your NICU team to identify your needs and the baby’s needs.
    High Risk Pregnancy & Perinatal Care Center

    Birth Center

    High Risk Pregnancy & Perinatal Care Center

    Parker Perinatal Center is a prenatal diagnostic facility established to provide consultation for patients with maternal or fetal complications, featuring state-of-the-art equipment capable of providing 3-D and 4-D imagery. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine services at Parker Adventist Hospital are provided by University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus physicians. Our staff provides personalized attention in a patient-friendly setting. Working closely with the patient's primary obstetric provider, our highly skilled specialists offer comprehensive obstetrical ultrasound examinations, consultations in prenatal diagnosis and genetics, and procedures such as Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling, and inpatient ultrasound consultations.

    A woman with a high-risk pregnancy needs timely care and careful attention to her concerns. Her obstetric provider needs easy access and efficient communication with a perinatal or genetic consultant. We appreciate the extreme importance and timeliness of these needs and strive to fulfill them.

    • Preconception counseling
    • Consultation on medical and surgical complications in pregnancy
    • First trimester screening for aneuploidy (formerly FASTER Trial)
    • Second trimester screening for aneuploidy
    • Ultrasound
    • Genetic counseling
    • Amniocentesis
    • Chorionic Villus Sampling
    • Multiple gestation consultation and development of a management plan
    • Inpatient consultation
    • Evaluation of intrauterine growth restriction and development of a management plan

    Tuesday: 1:00 - 5:00 pm
    Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Thursday: 1:00 - 5:00 pm
    Friday: 1:00 - 5:00 pm

    Phone: 303-407-7920
    Fax: 303-407-7931

    Parker Adventist Hospital
    Alpine Medical Building
    9397 Crown Crest Blvd, Suite 310
    Parker, CO 80138

    Breastfeeding support

    Birth Center

    Breastfeeding support

    The BirthPlace has International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) to support our patients. IBCLC’s have advanced training in breastfeeding support and education. All mothers are offered lactation support during their stay at The BirthPlace, to help families initiate and maintain breastfeeding.

    Take our Breastfeeding class around your 7th month of pregnancy to help you learn more about the art of breastfeeding. Gain tips, tools & techniques to prepare you for breastfeeding with confidence and more success. Partners are encouraged to attend.

    We know exclusive breastfeeding has lifelong benefits for both mother and infant. Our BirthPlace staff is here to help during the important first days in the hospital. 

    Here are a few things we will do to help:

    1. We will assist you in initiating breastfeeding within one hour after birth.  More than 90% of our infants are breastfeeding within the first hour.
    2. We promote skin-to-skin contact with your baby because we know this encourages successful breastfeeding and initiating milk supply.
    3. We will teach mom infant feeding or hunger cues, how often and how long to breastfeed, how to calm your baby, how to latch, positioning your baby, signs of cluster feeding and teach you how to know your infant is getting enough to eat.
    4. Our BirthPlace staff will help you establish a breastfeeding plan based on your infant’s needs. Your nurse will work with you to develop a written plan and provide you with a feeding log to ensure breastfeeding success.
    5. Mom and baby are encouraged to stay together 24 hours a day.  
    6. Rest when your baby is resting.  We know birth is an exciting time for you and your family, but try to find some down-time during the day to rest.  We provide signs you can place outside your room when you are resting so that you are not disturbed.
    7. Infants in the NICU and pump dependent mothers are supported by our lactation team as well. 
    8. The BirthPlace is a milk depot for the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Denver. Through this partnership we offer human donor milk to all NICU and healthy term infants requiring breast milk supplementation.

    The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital offers a weekly outpatient breastfeeding support group. Our clinic is managed by IBCLC who are here to help support new moms along their breastfeeding journey. Registration is required, please call to secure your spot.

    When: every Monday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (except on holidays)

    To register call: 303-269-4388

    The BirthPlace is a milk depot for the Mothers' Milk Bank of Denver. Through this partnership we offer human donor milk to all NICU and healthy term infants requiring breastmilk supplementation. Parker Adventist Hospital was also awarded the Colorado Can Do 5! Breastfeeding Excellence Starts Today (B.E.S.T.) award.

    Birth classes & family education

    Birth Center

    Birth classes & family education

    The BirthPlace offers birth center tours along with a wide variety of other classes for expecting parents. 


    We deliver an amazing experience for new moms, families and guests

    You are about to welcome a new person who will change your life forever! In one precious bundle will come more love, laughter and joy than you can begin to imagine. Choosing the best place for your baby to be born is a major step in this amazing experience. For you're not only choosing a place, you're choosing the team of clinical experts who will care for you and your newborn, support your family and share in a most meaningful time.

    When moms need extra courage, babies need extra care, dads need extra reassurance and families need extra understanding, our BirthPlace delivers. Right from the moment you become pregnant, we're here to help educate, care for, and pamper expecting families in unique ways.


    Yes. Our round-the-clock, on-site coverage is provided by experts from The Children's Hospital.

    Yes. Our Level III NICU is able to care for multiples and premature babies born at 28 weeks or later.

    Yes. The BirthPlace has anesthesia coverage available 24/7.

    Yes. We have a spa, birthing balls, squatting bars and fully adjustable birthing beds

    Our primary C-section has a low rate of 12% compared to the state average of 26.2%.

    Our rooms are made for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. However, in most instances, patients are moved from their labor & delivery room to a recovery & postpartum room within a few hours after giving birth.

    Yes. We encourage full time rooming-in for your baby.

    Yes. Our staff includes two certified lactation registered nurses.

    Yes. All of our rooms have a pull-out sleeper sofa and recliner.  Only you set the limits for visitors.