Joint Replacement

The Joint Replacement Program at Parker Adventist Hospital specializes in joint replacement including hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement. Our expert staff and and physicians are committed to delivering outstanding, compassionate care to each patient on their journey through joint replacement and back to enjoying an active life. 

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The Joint Replacement Program at Parker Adventist Hospital specializes in joint replacement including hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement. 

Our surgical staff at Parker Adventist Hospital has extensive training in hip, knee and shoulder replacement procedures. The use of a specialized team approach allows for increased knowledge of the procedure and individual roles in outcomes. Our state-of-the-art operating rooms follow strict guidelines as set forth by the Association of Peri-Operative Registered Nurses and The Joint Commission, our accrediting and credentialing organizations. These guidelines include rules for infection control, correct site surgery, staff education, instrument care and sterilization and other important areas of patient care.

Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

A culture of wellness and patient satisfaction defines our Joint Replacement Unit. Both you and your family will find amenities and features that are designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible. All of our patient care rooms are private with windows for viewing the countryside of Parker, Colorado. Families are welcome and encouraged to be a participant in your stay. Although determined on an individual basis, our current average length of stay is less than two days after a joint replacement procedure. Patients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and participate in the many learning activities for a prompt yet safe return to their home and life.

Features of our Joint Replacement Unit:

  • 24 private patient rooms
  • Developed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • Staffed with nurses trained specifically in orthopedic and neurosciences
  • Developed with the vision that patients are not “sick”, but receiving orthopedic, joint or spine surgery for improved quality of life
  • Integrated physical therapy department on the unit
  • Latest technology in patient beds and safety
  • High definition x-ray viewing screens for physicians
  • Every patient room was designed with a vision of a healing environment
  • Conference room for our joint replacement education classes and community outreach events
Pain Management

Joint Replacement

Pain Management

A very important part of the recovery process involves the control of the surgical pain. The care path at Parker Adventist Hospital uses a multi-focus approach to manage pain while remaining safe for the patient.

Pain management options include:

  • Pain medications
  • Supplement medications that increase the effectiveness of the pain pills
  • The use of medicines to numb the surgical site
  • Activity, balanced with elevation and rest of the surgical site
  • Ice to the surgical site
  • Holistic options - music, massage, family support


Joint Commission certified joint replacement program

Our Joint Commission certified orthopedic hip and knee program is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality treatment for orthopedic conditions. We focus on reducing pain and improving mobility and offer a comprehensive program focused on patient outcomes and physician expertise. 

Our anesthesia service personnel are trained in pain management techniques and best practices in today's research-driven focus. The recovery team includes professional nurses, certified nursing assistants, physical and occupational therapy staff, discharge planning services, housekeeping, pharmacists, dietary services, chaplains and diagnostic staff, all being coordinated by your surgeon and the joint program coordinator

Patient Resources

Joint replacement class

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement class

At Parker Adventist Hospital, we understand how important it is to be well informed and learn about your surgical experience in advance. Each week an interactive Joint Replacement Class is offered in our hospital. This class will give you the facts to be fully prepared and have the opportunity to voice questions about the surgery, hospital stay and expectations. Peer support, meeting our staff and viewing the hospital services are great benefits also gained from the class setting.

Topics covered include:

  • Preparing your body, home and mind for the surgical experience
  • Expected hospital experiences
  • Family support and amenities
  • Choices for help toward a smooth recovery
  • Your role in surgery and recovery process
  • Exercises to develop muscle strength

The class is taught by an orthopedic specialized registered nurse with experience in joint replacement at Parker Adventist Hospital. In collaboration with the Parker Adventist Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, a physical therapist will provide instruction in exercises and review the course of therapy that will take place during and after hospitalization.  

It is recommended that all first-time patients and patients who have not had replacement surgery at Parker Adventist Hospital attend the Joint Replacement Class. Your surgeon's office staff will coordinate class attendance with pre-admission testing. Or, you may schedule a class by calling the Joint Program Clinical Nurse Manager at 720-809-8848.