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Our Health Care Services

Avista Adventist Hospital is home to a Joint and Spine Care Center specializing in hip and knee replacement and spine surgery. It is also widely recognized for its award-winning New Life Birth Center, the Louisville and Boulder area's largest and most innovative birth center and home of the area's largest Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery.

  • Emergency & Urgent Care

    Avista Adventist Hospital Emergency Department and Level III Trauma Center includes two trauma suites and is fully equipped to provide comprehensive emergency medical services - such as emergency resuscitation, surgery and intensive care - to seriously injured patients.

    We see thousands of children each year-in kid-friendly treatment rooms with remote-control TVs, playful artwork and rocking chairs for parents. Our physicians' emergency medicine training includes a rigorous section in pediatric medicine, and every one of our nurses is certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

  • Breast Care Services

    Most women with breast cancer have some type of surgery as part of their treatment. Shortly after your diagnosis, you will partner with a breast surgeon who you can trust with your surgery – and your life.

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    Need to Request a Mammogram?

    Avista Adventist Hospital is committed to providing expert, accurate and comfortable mammography screening services. We are pleased offer 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) Technology for all of our screening and diagnostic mammograms.

    Phone: 844-642-2273

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  • Cancer Care

    We understand that the day of a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering moment, but we don’t want it to define your life. Our mission is to provide you with compassionate care, leading-edge technology and the most advanced treatment options available. Morning, noon and night as well as all those uneasy moments in between, our team of experts will be your partner. Depending on your needs, your team will include a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiologist and oncology trained nurses, technicians and staff.

    The Avista Cancer Care team will be with you for your entire journey, from diagnosis and treatment, to coping with side effects and life beyond cancer. Our multidisciplinary team will provide an accurate diagnosis and work with you to decide your care plan. In addition to your physical examination, your doctor may use the results of many tests such as blood and imaging tests, and biopsies to diagnose cancer and find out if it has spread to other parts of the body. Our radiologists use the most advanced imaging technologies to safely detect cancer, while our pathologists employ sophisticated techniques to precisely pinpoint the type and extent – or stage – of disease you have.


    Looking for an Oncologist?

    The Avista Cancer Care team will be with you for your entire journey, from diagnosis and treatment, to coping with side effects and life beyond cancer. Our multidisciplinary team will provide an accurate diagnosis and work with you to decide your care plan.

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    Outpatient Infusion Center

    Our infusion center is staffed by registered nurses specially trained in infusion services and provides high-quality care to patients of all ages.
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    Genetic Counseling

    If you have a family history of cancer, have received a new cancer diagnosis of premenopausal cancer, have received a multiple cancer diagnosis and/or have been diagnosed with an unusual cancer, you may have an identifiable hereditary cancer syndrome.

  • Stroke, Heart & Vascular

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    Looking for a Cardiologist?

    At Avista Adventist Hospital we've brought together highly skilled cardiologists and specialists, high-tech cardiac diagnostic and cardiac intervention equipment, innovative heart care programs and dedicated cardiology staff to achieve optimal outcomes for patients suffering from heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.

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    Primary Stroke Center

    Avista Adventist Hospital is a Primary Stroke Center, which means we have an acute stroke response team available around the clock. Our team includes emergency medicine specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, critical care specialists, nurses and radiology technicians. They provide immediate and experienced stroke expertise to determine the best treatment for each patient. Advanced imaging supports the interventions needed to open blocked arteries and restore blood flow as quickly as possible.

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    Acute Inpatient Stroke Unit

    Our specialized care for stroke patients is provided in our acute care unit, where patients receive coordinated care, comprehensive monitoring and expert intervention from the multidisciplinary team. Together, physicians, therapists and counselors provide care to patients throughout their stay, an aspect that has been shown to improve a patient's sense of well-being.

    Learn more about Stroke.

  • Joint and Spine Care


    Avista offers the whole-person approach to surgery and recovery essential to better outcomes. Our award-winning joint and spine programs integrate the expertise of highly rated orthopedic surgeons and certified nurses with the advanced technology designed to make surgery safer.

    If you are searching for lasting relief of hip, knee, back or neck pain, our integrated approach brings together orthopedic and neurosurgery experts as well as pain management, physical therapists and complementary medicine to help you return to the life you want