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Injury and Fall Prevention

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Fall Prevention & Balance Training Classes

Move with Strength and Confidence

Our program can help you understand and reduce the factors that place you at greater risk for a fall. Statistics show that individualized multi-dimensional exercise programs yield significant improvements in balance, mobility and awareness.

Our developer of the Balance and Falls Prevention Program is specifically trained and certified in fall prevention as well as being a licensed physical therapist. We offer a variety of programs for both the individual needing one on one treatment (including treatment for vertigo) as well as affordable group classes to improve balance, educate in falls prevention and increase safe activity to those of ALL abilities. 

This program includes a comprehensive assessment to help identify:

  • Existing medical conditions that may contribute to an increased risk of falling
  • Fall hazards and risks related to the home environment and activities
  • The need for and correct utilization of assistive devices
  • A specific exercise program to improve strength, mobility and balance

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Adults age 65 and over
  • Individuals concerned with falling
  • Those that have experienced falls in the past
  • Those who just don’t move or walk with the confidence they used to have
  • Those with muscle weakness and limited mobility
  • Those who complain of dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Individuals with problems with the senses, such as vision or numbness in their feet

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

  • Better understanding of how to reduce the risks of falls in the home
  • Develop better strength and improve balance
  • Avoid injury and hospitalization
  • Live independently with strength and confidence

Group Classes:

  • Stepping On

    Stepping On is best for adults age 65 and over who live independently and who want to:

    • Step outside their home with confidence.
    • Become more aware of fall hazards and learn how their fall risk can be reduce.
    • Study the most up-to-date information on fall prevention.
    • Participate in simple and fun strength and balance exercises

    Class Overview

    Through instruction and facilitated group discussion, this class builds confidence in participants ability to manage their health behaviors, reduce risk of falls and maintain active and fulfilling lives.

    Subjects covered include: the role vision plays in keeping balance, how medications can contribute to falls, ways to stay safe when out in your community and how to check your home for safety hazards.

    Class Schedule

    Stepping on is a 7-week class series that meets once per week for two hours.

    Find upcoming Stepping On & other fall prevention classes.

  • N'Balance

    This class is best for those who:

    • Want to increase self confidence.
    • Want to decrease falls or fear of falling.
    • Feel better and regain control.
    • Can stand unaided for 30 seconds with their arms across their chest.
    • Want to continue independence.

    Class Overview

    Participants will engage in exercises and movements to improve balance and coordination, strengthen lower body muscles and increase confidence. Each class consists of activities to challenge the three sensory systems that affect balance: visual, vestibular and somatosensory. Pre- and post-assessments provide helpful information to the participant. All levels will be appropriately challenged by this class.

    Class Schedule
    This 7-week class series meets once a week for one hour.

    Find upcoming N'Balance & other fall prevention classes.

  • Tai Chi for Health & Arthritis

    This class is best for those who:

    • Want to reduce pain and stiffness
    • Want to improve concentration and memory
    • Want to improve posture
    • Want to improve strength and stamina
    • Have had a fall or a fear of falling
    • Are ambulatory

    Class Overview
    Dr. Paul Lam and a team of Tai Chi and medical experts created this program by combining traditional Tai Chi with up-to-date medical knowledge and teaching methods.

    Tai Chi for Health is a gentle and easy to learn form of exercise that will improve strength, coordination,
    awareness and mobility. All levels will be appropriately challenged by this class.

    Part One Tai Chi will teach participants the first 6 movements of the Tai Chi for Arthritis Form by Dr. Lam, and Part Two Tai Chi will continue to progress the 6 basic moves from Part One Tai Chi and will add the next 6 moves to the Tai Chi for Arthritis form.

    Class Schedule
    Meets once a week for 7-weeks.

    Find upcoming Tai Chi & other fall prevention classes.

  • Individual Physical Therapy

    Through evaluation and assessment of various  disorders and deficits  the patient will participate in treatment based specifically on his/her challenges and goals, including the treatment for BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), dizziness, balance deficits from stroke or Parkinson’s or joint replacement. Treatment will focus on alleviating symptoms, increasing strength and mobility and balance therapy. Our developer of the Balance and Falls Prevention Program is specifically trained and certified to provide individual rehab for those wanting one on one care for a variety of issues causing balance difficulties including vestibular rehab. Your PT will perform a thorough medical history and evaluation, measuring your balance, gait, posture, strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

    From this evaluation we will create a program specifically for you. This can include approaches to improve stability, speed of walking and can help people to adapt to different walking surfaces and different activities. We provide effective, individualized treatment plans designed to address and alleviate the specific cause of your problem

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