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New Life Birth Center

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At Avista Adventist Hospital New Life Birth Center, you can be assured that you and your baby are in the best hands. Our birth center team will work with you to create a birth experience uniquely suited to you. So when you're ready to deliver, we are too.

Our birth center features 28 private birthing suites where you'll deliver with the comforts of home.

Avista Adventist Hospital is recognized as the area's preferred birth center and as a hospital that caters to the special needs of women. Consistently scoring among the nation's top hospitals for patient, physician and employee satisfaction, Avista has repeatedly earned the Women’s Choice Award as a Top 100 Hospital for both patient experience and obstetrics.

New Life Center Experience - Kimber Family

New Life Center Stories

The Kimber Family talks about their experience at The New Life Birth Center. And below, many more stories from the extraordinary moms whose babies we have had the privilege to safely welcome.

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  • Read Clara's Story

    Clara and familyJust prior to 6:30 a.m., July 14, the 50,000th baby to be delivered at Avista Adventist Hospital emerged.

    It only seems fitting that Shanna and Tony Cookson, self-proclaimed game fanatics, would be the parents to deliver Avista Adventist Hospital’s 50,000th baby. They knew that they had to make it by 7:30 a.m. if they were to secure a spot in hospital history. “We did laugh at how delivering the 50,000th baby fit so well with our love of contests,” says new dad Tony. “Shanna has always been lucky with contests. Being the 50,000th baby, I guess Clara gets some of that luck from her mother!”

    The couple recalls first learning they were in the running around 3:30 that morning. “Shanna’s nurse told us the count was 49,996, three other women were farther along, and that there was a scheduled C-section at 7:30 a.m.,” says Tony. “With Shanna’s competitive nature, it was the perfect motivation to push baby Clara into this world. After a little less than 45 minutes, at 6:26 am, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl.”  

    "Every birth is special, but it adds a touch of excitement to be part of reaching a milestone, and this is a very sweet family," said Dr. Alison Mall, who delivered the baby.

    To put this achievement into perspective, 50,000 babies equates to more than double the population of Louisville, roughly four times the population of Superior, and almost one baby for every seat at Coors Field. According to data from the American Hospital Association, only nine other small to medium size hospitals in the country perform more deliveries than Avista each year.

    Mom Shanna says, “Clara would be special to us either way, but in being the 50,000th, she’s become special to others, almost like a representative for the 49,999 who came before her.” Dad Tony concludes, “While we’re just getting to know Clara, we believe she’ll think this is a pretty awesome way to begin her life, and my ambitious hope is that she’ll touch as many lives as Avista has.”