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Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Foundation

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Programs We Support



  • Ambassadors of Compassion

    Castle Rock Adventist Hospital and other local businesses are working with our schools to help build resilient youth and compassionate leaders through Ambassadors of Compassion. The Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC) program is a measured, interactive, coach-led, character development and youth leadership journey that equips youth with resiliency and the personal leadership skills necessary to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges.

    We all share a heart-wrenching concern about the decline in quality of youth mental health. Suicide rates in Castle Rock are significant, with Colorado ranking among the highest in the nation. Unfortunately, most of us know someone in our community whose lives have been touched by the tragedy of teen suicide.   

    Ambassadors of Compassion offers a 15-week curriculum for middle and high school programs to provide resources that help students take responsibility for their lives and serve the needs in the community. Students internalize core values and learn how to put them into practice in their daily lives as they are challenged to live out their commitment as Ambassadors of Compassion.

    Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is committed to coordinating the local Ambassadors of Compassion program, and look forward to partnering with others in the community to provide needed resources for our youth to help them become healthy, responsible adults.

    Donate today as we join together to make a difference for the youth in our community.

  • Breast Care Center

    Since breast health is very complex and early cancer detection is so important to successful treatment, the highest standard of care for the women in our community is urgent.  Through increased technology, enhanced support services and coordinated systems of care through hospital partnerships, we will provide the best possible medical care for our community. As a nonprofit healthcare organization, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is dedicated to delivering compassionate care to every patient, every time.

    Our vision to increase technology and expand services for our Breast Care Center will require $400,000 in private donations and grants.  Castle Rock Adventist Hospital would  never turn away someone unable to pay. We are committed to engaging individual donors and community partners who are passionate about providing the highest quality of care for our families and the generations to come.

    Join us

    Generous support from the community helps keep Castle Rock Adventist Hospital on the cutting edge of technology with needed equipment. It also enables us to expand our breast care services, as well as provide early detection screening for underinsured and uninsured women in our community.

    “Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life-changing event. At the Breast Care Center at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, we want to offer every patient the very best integrated care available. Through of your generosity, we can provide regular screenings and early intervention for all patients. It will save lives.” - Dr. Jinnah Phillips, MD

    As a not-for-profit hospital, our enhanced services depend on philanthropic dollars from our patients, friends and the community. That’s why our donors are very special partners in the healing ministry of the hospital. You can be assured all contributions we receive and the decisions made regarding their use will directly impact the people we serve every day.

    Join us in the effort, as we raise the bar for breast health in the Castle Rock community.

  • The Healing Garden

    Healing Garden image of lady in wheel chair in the gardenThis very special outdoor space on our campus is designed to create a peaceful respite for our patients, families, staff and community. 

    Create A Respite
    The garden will be a welcomed reprieve for families with loved ones in the hospital or waiting for surgery outcomes. Anxious expectant fathers will have a great place to “pace” to help hours pass more quickly. Children will have fun places to burn extra energy while they are waiting for their appointments or for new siblings to be born. The beautiful court yard will offer a wonderful alternative from convention hospital waiting areas throughout the year.

    This community gathering space will be available for special events and receptions. An all-weather tented area will help us celebrate memorable occasions, rain or shine, as we create meaningful ways to strengthen community partnerships. We can't wait to turn this dream into a reality. Tour the Healing Garden, watch the video

    Leave Your Mark
    Our specially designed Colorado-style garden will be a bold and beautiful symbol of our caring community! As you think about your footprint in our community – about the things in life that matter most to – please consider investing in “soothing souls” through the power of nature. Together we can create an outdoor space where energy is restored and lives are inspired.

    You can be a breath of fresh air for someone today
    To bring the vision of this wonderful new garden space to life, we depend on partnerships with generous donors in our community.

    For more information on how you can be involved with the Healing Garden project, contact us.

    • Phone: 720-455-2534 
    • Email

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  • Healing Arts

    The Healing Arts Program integrates the arts into healthcare by creating an environment not just to treat illness, but to provide an inspiration for living. From music to massage, to paintings and sculptures, the unique services offer many expressions of art to revitalize the mind, body and spirit. By expanding this significant differentiating program, we are able to provide emotional and spiritual care to our patients and their loved ones. Our generous community support directly impacts the patient experience in a very positive and powerful way every single day.

    Contact Us

    For more information about the Healing Arts program, contact us.

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  • Angel Paws Therapy Dog Program

    Dogs have long been recognized as being a positive force in the healing process.

    A visit from one of our certified therapy dogs can brighten the day, lift spirits and help motivate patients in their therapy and treatment goals. The Angel Paws therapy dogs and their handlers are a welcome distraction from illness or pain by bringing laughter and encouragement to everyone they meet. It's always a joy to see one of our dogs providing comfort and bringing smiles to patients, their families and our staff when it's needed most. 

    Angel Paws is helping us transform the healthcare experience by soothing the soul and giving us inspiration for living. 

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  • Other Programs We Support

    Community wellness programs

    With the opening of the hospital a Wellness Council was established, composed of community leaders, to provide resources and implement programs and activities that bring greater awareness and promote positive change.

    “Deeply rooted in our mission is an unwavering commitment to partner with organizations striving to meet the needs of healthcare within our community.”

    Todd Folkenberg, CEO Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, strives to further the mission of “nurturing the health of the people in our community” by advocating for a culture of wellness throughout the area by facilitating programs and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for all.

    We strive to be forward-thinking and proactive in identifying ways to contribute to the well-being of the communities we serve, then deploying initiatives for measurable improvement. As a not-for-profit hospital, we depend on philanthropic dollars from our generous patients, friends and community partners. That’s why our donors are very special partners in the healing ministry of the hospital. Join us and we work together to become the healthiest community in the United States.

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    Associate campaign

    By giving through the Associate Campaign we have an amazing opportunity to help provide an extraordinary healing experience in our hospital and promote whole-person health in our community.