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The BirthPlace

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

Birth Classes & Tours

At Castle Rock Adventist Hospital we look forward to helping you get ready to welcome your new little one into the world. Our free classes will help you prepare for childbirth and give new parents tips and tools so you and your family are ready for anything.  

Free Birth Classes

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offers free prenatal classes to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. 

Birth Center Tours & Concierge

To tour the BirthPlace at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, call 720-455-0355. We also invite you to schedule a personalized Birth Concierge Appointment

  • Childbirth Series

    During this two-part series, learn from our expert instructors the tools and techniques of Lamaze and the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the birth of your baby.

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  • Childbirth Express

    You will learn all of the tools and techniques of Lamaze and get the information necessary to make informed decisions about the birth of your baby. This is a one-day, 5-hour class.

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  • Safe and Sound at Home

    Preparing for the first few days home with your new born can be exciting and challenging! By learning techniques to help care for your baby like diapering, swaddling, and bathing you can increase your confidence and enjoy your newborn.

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  • Daddy Bootcamp

    This is a workshop led by dads, for dads only.  In this class you will oriented to the unique aspects of fatherhood by the experts…NEW DADS and their babies!  Topics include: troubleshooting crying babies, caring for new moms, bonding, working/family balance, what to expect postpartum and the role of the protector.

    Topics include:

    • What kind of father will I be
    • A troubleshooter’s guide to crying babies
    • Forming a new family
    • Dads and safety
    • Birth and bonding
    • Caring for your new baby
    • Caring for a new mom
    • Work and family balance
    • Your role as a protector
  • Sibling

    This fun, interactive class helps prepare siblings to their new role of becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. Children will learn what to expect during Mommy's hospital stay, what a new baby looks like, and how a new baby behaves. This engaging class incorporates a variety of activities to help introduce older siblings to the new addition arriving shortly. Custom designed activities, products, and keepsakes make this a memorable and educational class for children of all ages.

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  • Natural Comforts

    For those families that are looking for an un-medicated delivery, this class focuses on comfort measures and strategies to help you achieve this goal.

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  • Grandparents Class

    A lot has changed since grandparents took care of their own children. This class is designed with grandparents in mind. This class will teach techniques to help care for your grand baby like diapering, swaddling, and bathing. Safety in the home and basic car seat information is included, as well as infant CPR and choking are taught and practiced.

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  • I’m Pregnant, Now What?

    The purpose of this class is to provide early education and expectant families, assisting them in understanding events during pregnancy and helping them to make informed decisions regarding their care and options.

    Contact our class coordinator to schedule a private session.

    Phone: 720-455-0355

  • Preconception Class

    Hoping to become pregnant? This class is designed to help couples learn how they can be proactive with a healthy lifestyle as they move towards starting their family.

    Contact all our class coordinator to schedule a private session.

    Phone: 720-455-0355