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Volunteer Opportunities

At Castle Rock Adventist Hospital we are grateful for our volunteers who serve throughout the hospital, making a difference in the lives of patients and visitors. Volunteers need to be at least 16 years old to apply.

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For more information, contact the Manager of Volunteers.

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  • Volunteer Opportunities at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

    We have a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the hospital and we work to match each volunteer with the service area of their interest. Please read through the volunteer opportunities and responsibilities below prior to completing your contact information.

    High school volunteer applications are accepted in May and in November. We appreciate the year-round interest, but ask that all high school volunteer applications are held until that time.

    Ambassador Outreach
    Volunteers bring hospital information to the local community of Castle Rock by participating in local year round events outside the hospital. You will be answering questions and advertising the various programs that the hospital offers. Volunteers deal with a variety of people while maintaining a friendly and professional manner. Hours will vary throughout the year and may include days, evenings and weekends.

    Emergency Department (must be 18 years old)
    Volunteers assist with two different roles. One role is assisting with preparing the rooms for new patients, restocking supplies, providing comfort measures for patients and families. The second role is visiting patients to ask a few questions to make sure they are receiving quality care. This role works in partnership with our Patient Representative.

    Gift Shop
    Volunteers provide excellent customer service for patients, visitors and staff shopping in the gift shop. Volunteers answer questions, run the cash register and assist in restocking shelves.

    *Closed Saturdays & Sundays in observance of the Adventist Sabbath.

    Front Desk
    Volunteers greet all patients, visitors and hospital staff making them feel comfortable so that their impression of Castle Rock Adventist Hospital will be positive. Duties include assisting with registering patients for medical procedures, escorting patients and guests to hospital departments, giving directions and answering general questions and being prepared to explain hospital guidelines and policies.

    Labor and Delivery Reception
    Volunteers screen visitors and family members for patients and hospital staff. Volunteers also work on special projects for the department.

    Medical Imaging
    Volunteers at the medical imaging desk are the first to greet patients, guests and serve as goodwill ambassadors - being aware of the patient’s needs and concerns. Duties include assisting the medical imaging staff with registering patients for medical procedures, clerical duties and escorting patients.

    PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) (must be 18 years old)
    Volunteers enhance the surgical services team. Duties include stocking patient rooms and nurse servers, preparing the rooms for new patients and providing comfort measures for patients. Volunteers also sometimes escort patients when discharged.

    PACU Liaison 
    Volunteers greet patients and visitors at reception desk outside of PACU, share knowledge of all hospital resources available to visitors, communicate with family and visitors about patient's status and facilitates the transfer of paperwork from patients to proper nursing station.

    Women's Imaging Reception
    Volunteers assist the department staff on special projects, welcome patients arriving for procedures and escort patients to other hospital departments.

  • Requirements for Volunteering

    Volunteer service is a responsibility that requires a definite commitment of time, energy and desire to serve, and therefore requires preparation, orientation and training. Because of the nature of care being delivered at the hospital, all volunteers are carefully screened and placed into appropriate assignments, and each volunteer must adhere to standard policies and procedures.

    The placement process includes:

    • Prospective volunteers must be at least 16 years of age
    • Commit to a four hour volunteer shift, one day a week, for a minimum of six months (minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service in one year)

    Prospective volunteers must also complete the following before receiving a service assignment:

    • Attend a volunteer information session
    • Complete the volunteer application
    • Complete the medical health screening provided by our employee health nurse including:
      • TB Blood Draw
      • Flu Vaccination
    • Pass a background check

    This process is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and families, as well as the confidence and success of volunteers.

    Volunteers will then:

    • Attend volunteer orientation
    • Train for their specific volunteer position
    • Remain current with provided biennial TB form and annual flu vaccinations