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Littleton Adventist Hospital Foundation

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Associate Campaign

Every day Littleton Adventist Hospital associates live out our mission, and we appreciate the difference they make for our patients. Last year, their generosity helped us assist 24 associates during some very difficult times through our Employee Financial Assistance Program. This year, we are inviting everyone to make an even bigger impact by helping us reach our goal of 20% of all associates giving.

Littleton Adventist Hospital associates can download the giving form and return your completed form to your ambassador or drop it in the box at the Administrative Coordinator desk (ciddy corner from the Volunteer Office).

2018 Giving Goal: 20% of employee giving

Focus Fund: Healing Arts Program

In addition to great medical care, we have an opportunity to make a greater impact on whole person care through art and therapeutic music. Your gifts will enable us to expand massage therapy in our Birth Center and to our Oncology patients, improving their physical comfort and emotional well-being during these life-changing experiences. 

Learn more about Healing Arts.

Additional giving options

  • Women & Children's Services

    From joining in the joy of bringing a new life into the world to providing a safe and supportive haven for someone who’s been sexually assaulted, Littleton provides truly compassionate care for women and children. Your gifts will ensure that the Birth Center, the SANE Program, Pediatric Emergency Care, and all of our Women’s & Children’s Services continue to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

    Learn more about women’s health services and children’s services.

  • Employee Financial Assistance

    We all face unexpected financial challenges due to illness, loss of a loved one, accidents, etc. Gifts toward Employee Financial Assistance provide a safety net for all of us who work together to keep our community healthy.  

  • Neurological Care

    Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and other movement disorders can make it impossible to hold a grandchild in your arms or eat breakfast without assistance. Your generosity will give people with these debilitating health issues the chance to enjoy life again by ensuring that Littleton continues to offer the latest and most effective treatments and technologies. 

    Learn more about neurological care.

  • Global Health Initiatives

    With all of the privileges we have here in Littleton, we have the opportunity to extend the healing ministry of Christ beyond our community. Your gift will directly improve countless lives in Nepal, Peru, and Rwanda, where we partner with local hospitals to provide desperately needed medical care. 

    Learn more about Global Health Initiatives.