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The BirthPlace

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Birth Day Wishes

It is your baby, and we want the experience to be all that you hope for. That's why we created a complimentary pre-admission program, Birth Day Wishes.

Birth Day Wishes is a complimentary program for expecting families between 28 and 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Customizing your birth experience.

Our Nurse Navigator meets individually with families to understand their delivery goals, plan birthing process from start to finish and answer questions for a better and more customized experience.

Schedule online or by phone at 303-734-2186, option 2

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What to know about your Birth Day Wishes Consultation:

  • Complete Pre-Registration before you schedule your Pre-Admission meeting.
  • We recommend scheduling your personalized consultation in between 28 and 35 weeks into your pregnancy. Please call for an appointment as early as 25 weeks if you have special needs (i.e. multiple birth, medical problems).
  • This consultation is a meeting between you, your support person and one of our experienced BirthPlace nurses.
  • You will have the opportunity to share your preferences (Birth Day Wishes) to help us individualize your birthing experience and let our BirthPlace staff know how to best care for you.
  • You may also want to review the Birth Day Wishes form with your physician. 
  • You will complete important paperwork, including preliminary birth certificate information.
  • We will give you information to help you prepare for your birth.
  • You can ask questions about your upcoming hospital stay.
  • Go on a tour of the BirthPlace if you haven't already had one.

Birth Day Wishes Form

Once you have completed Pre-Registration and scheduled your personalized consultation, please complete this Birth Day Wishes form and bring it with you to your appointment.