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The BirthPlace

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Birth Classes & New Mom Support

Our reputation for outstanding maternity care wasn’t born yesterday. Since 1989, The BirthPlace at Littleton Adventist Hospital has proudly served the obstetrical needs of our community by helping families to achieve their optimal birth experience. As south metro Denver’s premier birthplace, we’ve long been recognized by physicians and families alike as an innovative leader in maternity services.

We combine clinical excellence with compassion to ensure safe and individualized care. We believe that your birthing experience starts long before labor begins and continues well after your baby is born. A package of special services and family education will be designed with you in order to provide care before, during and after delivery.

Sarah Jacquin increases the confidence of parents by making sure that all parents feel prepared and educated to welcome new life into their homes.

Confidence Bestowed by Car Safety

Did you know that 90% of car seats are used or installed incorrectly? Sarah Jacquin increases the confidence of parents by making sure that all parents feel prepared and educated to welcome new life into their homes.

Learn more about our Car Seat Safety Check below.

  • Family Education Classes

    Learning about your new baby before he or she arrives is exciting, as well as overwhelming, and can help you better prepare for parenthood. Family Education at Littleton Adventist Hospital offers a variety of classes before, and after, your baby's birth, including:

    • Childbirth Preparation
    • BirthPlace Tour
    • Baby Safety
    • Infant Care
    • Breastfeeding
    • Bootcamp for New Dads
    • Sibling Preparation
    • 21st Century Grandparents
    • Safe Sitter

    Practical classes taught by skilled instructors help you assume your new responsibilities with knowledge and confidence. Classes are kept small to give you the opportunity to closely interact with our instructors.

    Find Birth Classes & Register

  • Breastfeeding Support

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has long advocated breastfeeding as the best nutrition for baby's short- and long-term health. In the CDC's national assessment of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care, Littleton Adventist Hospital's overall score was above both the national and the state average in breastfeeding-related maternity care practices. We have a 95 percent breastfeeding initiation rate.

    Lactation Clinics & Individual Support

    Littleton Adventist Hospital offers a breastfeeding class, breastfeeding support clinic, as well as individual breastfeeding support. Certified lactation consultants teach our Breastfeeding Classes.

    • Breastfeeding Class
      Before your baby is born, we encourage moms and their birth partners to attend this one-night class to learn more about breastfeeding techniques to better prepare them for the birth of their baby. To search for the next breastfeeding class, view the Childbirth & Pregnancy class schedule.
    • Breastfeeding Support Clinic
      The lactation consultants at The BirthPlace offer a breastfeeding support clinic that includes a breastfeeding assessment, baby weight checks, support and education.

      When: Mondays (no holidays)
      Where: Littleton Adventist Hospital
      7700 S. Broadway (enter through Outpatient Center Entrance)
      Littleton, CO 80122

      Cost: This is a free clinic
      Register: RSVP to 303-734-8744 by 9:00 pm the Sunday before the clinic. You will be notified by phone Monday morning between 8:00 - 9:00 am to be scheduled for your clinic time.
    • Individual Breastfeeding Support
      Individual consults are available for $60, by appointment only. Our certified lactation consultants are available to support you seven days a week, either by phone or by outpatient visit. For more us.
      Phone: 303-734-8744
  • Car Seat Safety Check

    Installing a car seat can be challenging. Littleton Adventist Hospital’s Child Passenger Safety technician can help you properly use and install a car seat on your own.

    Before the Car Seat Checkup

    • Be prepared to learn, not just watch the CPS technician install the car seat. They are trained to teach you.
    • Try to schedule an appointment one to two months prior to your baby’s due date just in case you deliver early.
    • Do your best to install the seat in your vehicle before your car seat checkup appointment. Please read the instructions that came with the child car seat and the instructions in your vehicle owner’s manual regarding car seats.
    • Bring the car seat instructions and the vehicle owner’s manual with you to your appointment.

    Please call the Littleton Adventist Hospital family life department to schedule an appointment at 303.730.5810. Car seat checks are offered on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Friday of each month. No walk-ins are accepted; appointments are required.

  • Mother's Milk Bank

    Littleton Adventist Hospital is proud to partner with Mother's Milk Bank (MMB), a Colorado based nonprofit program that collects, processes, tests, and provides human donor milk to babies across the country. Babies who receive the milk may be premature or have severe illnesses and need human milk to thrive. Human milk benefits infants through nutritional, immunological, developmental, social, economic and environmental reasons.

    Are you interested in becoming a milk donor? You are likely to qualify as a donor if you are:

    • In good health
    • A non-smoker
    • Not taking medications on a regular basis
    • A person with an abundant supply of milk

    Milk donors must undergo a blood test and health screening, be willing to donate a minimum of 150 ounces total and have a medical release form signed by the mother’s and baby’s doctors.

    For more information on donating or receiving milk, contact us:

    Phone: 303-869-1888.