The Cancer Center

Littleton Adventist Hospital

7700 S Broadway
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The Cancer Center

Littleton Adventist Hospital

Cancers we treat at Littleton Adventist Hospital

We treat all cancers throughout the Centura Health Cancer Network, and specialize at Littleton Adventist Hospital in the treatment of many cancers including:

  • Breast Cancer

    Our multidisciplinary breast team is designed to help patients understand the cancer care process and get patients into breast cancer treatment quickly. Patients meet one-on-one with each member of our breast cancer team and leave with a proposed treatment plan and the reassurance that they will receive coordinated, expert cancer care by our experienced breast cancer team.

    If your treatment course includes breast reconstruction, Littleton Adventist Hospital partners with plastic surgeons who specialize in breast reconstruction, including direct to implant. There are many options and our nurse navigator can discuss with you what reconstruction options are available.

    We are committed to providing comprehensive breast care. As a nationally accredited breast center, we can treat the full spectrum of breast disease in patients. We meet the highest standards in patient care, including the most advanced treatments available to achieve the best possible outcomes as evidenced by medical research.

    Learn more about the Breast Care Center & schedule a mammogram.

  • Gynecologic Cancer

    From diagnosis to chemotherapy and surgery, our gynecologic oncology team is skilled in treating advanced stage and difficult cancers. Littleton Adventist Hospital’s team specializes in treating women’s cancers of the pelvis and reproductive systems including:

    • Ovarian
    • Cervical
    • Endometrial
    • Vulvar
    • Vaginal

    For more information, contact our gynecologic cancer nurse navigator at 303-738-7787.

    Learn more about gynecologic cancer.

  • Lung Cancer

    Advanced Bronchoscopy Technology
    Littleton Adventist Hospital offers a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that utilizes a patient’s natural airways in order to detect, test and plan treatment for existing lung nodules and lymph nodes that are difficult to access with a traditional bronchoscopy.

    • The i•Logic™ System from superDimension® is advanced technology that uses Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy® (ENB)™ and provides patients with an innovative approach to detect lung cancer earlier.
    • Physicians are able to take tissue samples from lung lesions that are too small and inaccessible through traditional bronchoscopy, and map out a path to guide surgical procedures as well as radiation therapy.
    • It expands navigation to anywhere in the lungs using a patient’s CT-scan, and is capable of treating a variety of patients including those who have poor lung function or have previously had cancer surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

    Radiation Therapy:
    If a person has been diagnosed with lung cancer or another lung disease that needs radiation therapy, Littleton Adventist Hospital's new state-of-the-art center provides the safest and most precise equipment available, ensuring our patients only receive treatment when and where we intend. The TrueBeam Radiotherapy System has advanced speed and capabilities that allows us to treat almost any patient quickly and efficiently. With our HD Multi-leaf Collimator, we can shape and conform the treatments better than other less advanced machines.

    For questions or information about the lung care program at Littleton Adventist Hospital, contact 303-738-7747.

    Learn more about the Centura Health Lung Cancer Screening Program.