Knee Surgery Candidacy

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Knee Surgery Candidacy

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Knee Surgery: Knowing Your Options

Are You a Candidate for Knee Surgery?

Your eligibility for knee surgery and the type of knee surgery that’s right for you depends on the severity of your condition and the success of other types of treatment. Although knee surgery is typically performed on adults ages 50 and older, there are no absolute age restrictions for the procedure.

Eligibility for partial knee replacement 

Partial knee replacement may be an option if you have persistent arthritis limited to one area of the knee and are no longer getting relief from nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy, medications or weight loss. 

To determine your eligibility, your doctor will ask where your knee hurts, check your range of motion and determine your knee’s stability. An X-ray will also be required before a final recommendation for surgery is made.


Eligibility for total knee replacement

You may be eligible for total knee replacement if you’re suffering from arthritic knee pain that severely limits your ability to carry out everyday tasks. This surgery should only be considered if nonsurgical treatments, such as exercise, physical therapy and medications, have proven ineffective.  

A recommendation for total knee replacement is made based on pain and disability, and your doctor will determine if you meet the criteria by asking about the extent of your knee pain, doing a physical examination, performing X-rays and administering other tests.