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Programs We Support

Learn more about how Parker Hospital Foundation supports programs that improve health care in our community.

  • Adoption Support Program

    There are many types of adoptions — domestic, international, and through foster care. Adding more to the mix, domestic adoptions are now classified as open and closed, based on contact with birth family. With 135,000 children adopted in the U.S. every year, chances are high that you may know a family hoping to adopt. Parker Adventist Hospital's adoption program, supported by the Parker Hospital Foundation, is nationally recognized for its innovation in providing support to both the birth and adopting families before, during, and after the birth and adoption.

    Support the Adoption Support Program at Parker Adventist Hospital, and select Family to Family Adoption as the intended fund.

  • BirthPlace

    The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital delivers an amazing experience for new moms, families and guests. From our large private birthing suites, gourmet room service and a unique family-centered approach to care, The BirthPlace combines advanced medical expertise with the utmost of safety, comfort and confidence. Our highly skilled BirthPlace team is ready for anything, including high-risk pregnancies, multiples and premature babies. 

    Learn more about the BirthPlace.

    Support the BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital, and select NICU as the intended fund.

  • Breast Care Center

    At the Breast Care Center, we are committed to saving lives with early detection of breast cancer through and believe you deserve compassionate care and the very best in technology. Our Breast Care Center offers superior imaging of digital mammograms, a respect for your busy schedule and a warm inviting atmosphere conveniently located in Parker. 

    Learn more about the Breast Care Center.

    Support the Breast Center at Parker Adventist Hospital, and select Trio Breast Center as the intended fund.

  • Cancer Center

    Determining which type of cancer treatment is best for you depends on a variety of factors. At Parker Cancer Center, we have a range of therapies that include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy or some combination. Prior to determining which treatment is best for you, your oncologist will conduct a physical exam, review your medical history and study any imaging and lab reports. 

    Learn more about our Cancer Center.

    Support the Cancer Center at Parker Adventist Hospital, and select Cancer Center at Parker as the intended fund.

  • Equestrian Helmets

    Head injuries account for 60 percent of equestrian-related deaths. Ensuring that your child wears a properly fitting equestrian helmet can prevent death and reduce the severity of head injuries.

    Parker Adventist Hospital Equestrian Safety Program, which is supported by the Parker Hospital Foundation, conducts free community safety seminars and provides free custom-fitted helmets to Parker-area equestrians.

    To schedule a complimentary equestrian helmet fitting and receive a Free helmet for your child, contact us.

    • Phone: 303-269-4809

    Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Support the Equestrian Helmet Program at Parker Adventist Hospital, and select Equestrian Program as the intended fund. 

  • Healing Arts

    Healing Arts is a unique program that integrates the arts into health care, creating spaces not just to treat illness, but to also provide an inspiration for living. From music to massage, paintings, sculptures to nature walks, the Healing Arts program offers many expressions of art to revitalize the mind, body and spirit. The Healing Arts program is solely funded by community donations. 

    Support Healing Arts at Parker Adventist Hospital, and select Healing Arts as the intended fund.